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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by 576316, Jun 16, 2016.

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    For some reason, the top level carousel on my Apple TV 3 has stopped showing recent film and TV purchases on the left hand side when the 'Movies' or 'TV Shows' apps are highlighted. For example, I've been navigating to continue watching my purchased TV Shows by moving the cursor to 'TV Shows' and right above it there'd be a section called 'Purchased'. I'd select the TV show and I'd be taken right to the next unwatched episode. That's gone entirely now as of the past couple of days, is it possible I've managed to turn off a feature somewhere? Now all I get in the carousel is 'Top TV Shows' with no mention of my purchases - meaning I have to navigate to the purchases within the iTunes store and scroll through all the watched episode before reaching my next one.

    Did Apple change something cause I know the carousels are server-side.

    Let me know, fine people.

    Edit: If I go to 'Music' I'm seeing 'Purchased' and then 'Top Songs' across the carousel. Yet 'TV Shows' and 'Movies' aren't doing this. They're just showing Top items. So what's going on?

    Edit 2: Apple Support have never seen this issue and I've been referred to senior advisors because there's something clearly wrong after multiple restarts and restores!

    Edit 3: Seems as if it might have been a server side issue. Making a purchase on the TV show brought the Purchased section back. Odd.
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    Is that under Movies and TV Shows? Seems odd that mine has suddenly stopped showing it.
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    Yeah it shows the 3 most recently purchased movies/TV shows when you're highlighting that app on the main screen. I'll check again tonight to see if anything has changed since yesterday.

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