Question about AT&T $650 Credit deal...


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Sep 19, 2015
Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse here...

I bought a 7 Plus from Apple on the AT&T Next Plan and would have (should?) have qualified for the $650 in bill credits.

The phone was traded in today in store and the receipt only shows a $175 credit for a 64gb 6. The store rep didn't seem any too confident so I called AT&T to verify the correct deal would be applied. The rep insisted that the promo only applies to purchases made on the AT&T site that included the promo code but could not point out anything to that effect in writing. However I see others on here that also traded their old phones in and were told as long as you buy on the Next plan, you're good to go, regardless of where you purchased. Just like the initial credit info stated.

The receipt looks basically identical to the one posted in the last post on this tread; noting "Qualified purchase BEFORE 9/26)". If it didn't qualify for a promo I'm not sure why 'before 9/26' would have any relevance to the receipt.

Any help out there? Do I need to go back to get the old phone and try another store? Or is there any other way to get verification you will be getting the correct monthly credits?


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Jan 12, 2013
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I would go back to the store and make sure they did your trade in correctly. Your paperwork should be showing the promo code FALL2016TRADE on your trade in receipt and should show a trade in value of zero.


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Jul 9, 2008
I'm gonna chime in. My friend works for AT&T and gave me the run down. As long as the phone was purchased in store or DF (Direct Fulfillment) ordered on or before 9/25 you should be good. Technically 9/26. AT&T is utilizing their existing trade in web system so it automatically generates a monetary quote for the phone as a regular trade-in regardless of promo. The main thing is that last line on your trade-in sheet given at the store. As long as you see iPhone 7.... 9/26. That designates the promo. It is all computerized so as long as it fits the system criteria (purchase date, phone type, phone type purchased) it automatically gives the promo. As long as you have your original order receipt with a date before 9/26 and the trade-in receipts -> the print out and the smaller receipt they have to give you the promo and you're good. The trade in credit of $21.67 on the 30 month plan or $27.08 on the 24 month plan as a promo credit towards the new phone and bill starts 10 weeks from the trade in or sooner. Usually see it on the 3rd billing cycle. You are responsible for the initial 2 installment payments before the installment promo kicks in with the 3rd bill having a large refund of the first 2 payments you made for the phone on your bill along with month 3's installment payment. The following months see a regular credit based on your installment length said above. If you pay it off early or terminate or port you will lose the credit. I can see why people are confused. It works. It's just not clear. You are getting $650... eventually. It's a good deal.
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