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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by dukebound85, Feb 12, 2008.

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    Just curious, why does this forum not allow for this discussion? I have asked this in other posts but never got an answer really so I made this thread.

    I ask since it seems that this forum allows for the discussion of hacking/jailbreaking iphones and ipod touches. There have been many threads on how to "get" the 20 dollar upgrade applications for free and how to hack the iphone software to put 3rd party apps on it. Isn't this against the EULA and thus piracy?

    If this is allowed to be discussed, why not "hackintoshes"? Putting osx on a pc is just breaking the EULA as is hacking the iphone software and such.

    Why is there an inconsistency? Just curious

    I feel that either both should be allowed to be discussed or neither. Personally, I'd opt that neither is the way to go as we should not encourage EULA breaking.

    I hope a MR god or such can provide an answer for me as I hate seeing double standards, regardless of the circumstance.
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    We've talked about them, but the how to and the links (or requests) for help have usually led to the thread getting immediately closed.
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    Yea I know. But then I ask why isnt the same (as in threads getting locked/deleted/whatever) for those trying to jailbreak/unlock iphones? See my point?

    I have seen many detailed guides/how to's on these forums for jailbreaking and the like
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    I believe it's not allowed because the discussions would lead to getting/download an illegal copy of Leopard/Tiger. Jailbreaking iPhones and iPod Touches doesn't have anything to do with Piracy since third party applications are free.

    It might be against the EULA, but there is no piracy involved. You can't download iPhones.
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    I think the OP is talking also about the $20 PDA App program package for the Touch that many are just using the iPhone Apps instead for free by jailbreaking and finding the free download. They should be paying the $20.

    Maybe the link to those iPhone apps should be removed.

    OS X is a whole different story. It's an OS meant to only run on Apple Computers. It's illegal to download a copy for free (no matter where you're going to run it), and very illegal to run it on a non-Apple computer.
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    These issues have been revisited lately, and the decision has been to not police EULA violations specifically. EULA agreements are (theoretically) between the end user and the company. I don't see why MacRumors should be involved.

    The problem with hackintosh talk is that historically it's been hand-in-hand with Mac OS X piracy. Frequently links and sites that promote it also link directly to or provide other instructions on how to illegally obtain Mac OS X. This blurry line has been why hackintosh discussion tends to get shut down.

    The MacRumors culture also tends to frown upon the EULA violation that is the installation of Mac OS X on non Apple hardware. As a result, threads frequently get derailed when this discussion arisies, again causing threads to get closed

    iPhone and iPod touch hacking do fall under the EULA violation, but is not illegal, in the usual sense of the word. There are also many legal 3rd party applications that can be installed with the hacking procedure. However, downloading copyrighted Apple applications (such as Mail, Maps etc...) is illegal and we should not allow links to those downloads to persist.

    Hope that clarifies.

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    Brilliant, I was wondering about this last night funnily enough.

    Thanks for the clarification. :)
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    Yeah, it seemed a good question, but also a good answer.

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