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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by philipma1957, Dec 10, 2010.

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    #1 shows up when I go to my yahoo email. I may click on an email to open it and I get the message that is a bad site without a good certificate. considering I am just opening an email it looks like I have spyware. I googled the term and it appears to be microsoft spyware. does anyOne know how to remove it from a mac pro. Tia phil
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    1. Check you DNS settings in System Preferences->Network pane, Advanced button, DNS tab. Make sure it is set to your router or ISP DNS server.

    2. Get freeware applications:
    Boonana Trojan Horse Removal Tool

    iServices Trojan Removal Too

    DNSChanger Removal Tool

    Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac, Free

    Run these applications just once and run then then delete them. See if any find anything.

    Next to get back to DNS stuff. If you want to remain safe for Mac & Windows from known Trojans by using and signing up from a free account. Then look at this introductory video to see how opening a free account you can block known Trojan hosting web sites to remain safe.
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