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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MrThompsonR, Feb 8, 2010.

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    Why does Apple hate the Jail Break community...? They send out "bug fixes" that "oh by the way" break your "jail break!" The "not signing" of 3.1.2 firmware to try to "brick " someone's phone who accidentally upgrades to 3.1.3 , then try to downgrade back to 3.1.2. Would they prefer those people jump to another platform... say Android? Those are probably some of their biggest fans? People who know this platform can do so much more than what they offer in the "official" product. I've put in a lot of time hacking my phone to get it to its present state.... Why should I have to revert back to the "official" version of software, then (rejailbreak)start all over again from scratch...? Other manufactures want you to "have it your way," while at Apple it seems their philosophy is "its our way or no way!"
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    they dont hate us, they just dont want us doing it. because, according to apple, if we have access to the iphone's filesystem, then we have access to tamper with the baseband. and they say, by doing that, it is possible to screw up an at&t tower causing a denial of service attack. thats why, because they know that sometimes people who are curious get into the wrong things. here is a link to some information on it.
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    No, I'm pretty sure that Apple closes security holes because they're security holes.

    You're claiming that if it weren't for Jailbreakers then Apple would just leave security holes open? What makes you think that? I say they'd be closing those holes even if there were no jailbreakers.
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
    Yes, that's the nonsense excuse they put out there.
    Not the real reason though.
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    im not sure you understood what i meant by "they dont hate us". what i meant by that is, its a good thing that were doing it, they just dont want us to because of the reason i posted. like what i meant is if i go into an apple store, and i say can you fix my jailbroken phone? theyre not gonna say "no i hate you! get out before i hate you more!". thats what i meant.
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    Yes, and I can point out more than 3 examples using just the 1st Gen iPhone for that.

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