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Apr 12, 2001

A questionable rumor has surfaced today suggesting Apple could unveil a new iPhone SE next month, but it might just be more noise in iPhone silly season.

The rumor comes from French-language blog iGeneration, which cited an unnamed source claiming Apple will hold a product event in late August to introduce an updated version of the 4-inch smartphone.

Mickaël Bazoge, the author of the article, told MacRumors that he received the info from a "new source" with an unproven track record. He expressed some skepticism, but added that the source "seems reliable."

The timeline is immediately questionable given Apple has never introduced any new iPhone model in August. Beyond the current iPhone SE and iPhone 4s in March 2016 and October 2011 respectively, Apple has officially debuted all other iPhone models at events in June or September each year.

Moreover, given the current iPhone SE essentially has iPhone 6s tech specs, the next model's tech specs would likely be closer to the iPhone 7. And if that happens in August, then the new iPhone SE would be nearly as powerful as the iPhone 7 with a much cheaper price tag, potentially cannibalizing Apple's sales.

There have also been few if any rumors about a new iPhone SE. Back in November 2016, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said it was unlikely that Apple would release a new iPhone SE in the first half of this year. That claim proved to be accurate, but Kuo hasn't outlined any new predictions since then.

When introducing the iPhone SE, Apple acknowledged that some people simply love smaller phones, and revealed that it sold 30 million 4-inch iPhones in 2015. The device looks like an iPhone 5s, but it has newer tech specs, including a twice-as-fast A9 chip and a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera.

iPhone SE remains Apple's cheapest smartphone, starting at $399 in the United States. Today's rumor claims the next-generation model could start at EUR399 in Europe, down from EUR489 currently. The rumor also says Apple will hold a second event in October to introduce the supposedly delayed "iPhone 8."

Apple doubled the current iPhone SE's storage capacities to 32GB and 128GB, up from 16GB and 64GB, in March.

Article Link: Questionable Rumor Says Apple May Introduce New iPhone SE at Event in Late August


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Sep 27, 2013
I want to go this route. I'm stuck in an annual upgrade program. If I want the SE I have to completely pay off my 7. Dumb. They only let you upgrade to the "latest and greatest" on the annual program. Verizon that is.


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May 18, 2012
An iPhone SE with 4~4.5 inch screen in a design similar to iPhone 8 (ie, no useless bezels on top and bottom) will be the ultimate dream come true!!

Of course, I wont be holding my breath for that though.

I've always been in the fortunate position to buy the top level iPhone in terms of spec and storage, but the rumoured body size of the iPhone X would really be the absolute maximum for me. Combine that with the added rumours that they might be dramatically increasing the top pricing tier for the first time in the iPhone's history.

With this in mind, if they were to introduce a full screen SE with the same sized body that it has now, I might be tempted.

There's already a decent number of people that love the SE (including my Mum), so if they add others like me into the mix it'll sell in volume.

That won't go down well with the bean counters though in profitability terms.

Then again, thinking out loud here, someone in my position who has never considered the AirPods, for example, might now be more inclined to purchase those at the same time. I'm sure they make a tidy profit for Apple too and the more Apple products people buy, the more it ties them to the Apple ecosystem.
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Dec 21, 2001
About time they introduce the SEs. This will happen because the event for the 7s and 8 will take place third week of November.


Jan 9, 2007
Seattle WA
iPhone! iPhone! iPhone! iPhone! lol I'm more than ready for an upgrade. Holding out for the Edition version. :p Sounds like they will have 7s as an iteration of the current 7 and then an all glass front iPhone (hopefully called Edition). :)


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Sep 11, 2014
I'm happy with my original SE. I sometimes think I'd like to see water resistance, but that would probably add bulk and cost which would change what the SE is all about. I think adding more storage was a nice upgrade already.

They certainly did a smart thing making the SE. They should keep it going because the people who want big phones will not be pulled away. The SE gives people who want or need small phones and more affordable phones a viable option.


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Oct 14, 2016
San Jose
Questionable rumor indeed. August is too close to the Sep. event. No way they will add any low end iPhone product to the lineup that close to showtime.
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