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    I backed up an iPhone to my Mac through iTunes that contained many pictures and videos. I went and deleted the backup because I didn't want all that stored on the computer. Once the backup is deleted in iTunes, the pics and videos are completely gone and have not been saved to the computer, right?

    Also, I believe Time Capsule backed up the iPhone backup. How would I delete the backups from the last day or so in Time Machine? Since I already deleted the iPhone backup from the Mac, would deleting these recent Time Machine backups totally remove the iPhone backup from Time Capsule?

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    If you haven't imported the pictures and videos onto your Mac using an app like iPhoto, then yes they should be deleted from your computer.

    However if your Time Capsule backed up the iPhone backup, then they'll be in there. — you can delete them, but the difficulty of this will depend upon how many times the backup was backed up.

    Example if it was backed up 25 times, you would need to delete all 25 backups manually. - Be careful when manually managing time machine backups as you may compromise the integrity of the entire backup.

    If you don't mind, why do you wish to also remove the backups from the time capsule?
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    No... the old versions of that backup folder will still exist on the Time Machine (TM) backup. Follow this process to get rid of the old versions.

    Open Finder then click the Go menu then Go to Folder and paste in the path below then enter. This will open a Finder window showing your iOS backups.

    ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/
    Now enter TM by clicking the TM menu icon then click Enter Time Machine. This will enter the Time Machine star field interface.

    Now select the iOS backup you wish to delete and right click it then select Delete all Backups. This will delete all versions of the folder you selected. Then exit the star field interface.

    Now turn TM off for a moment then turn it back on to delete any local backups stored.

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