Quickest way to switch between multiple windows of same application?

Discussion in 'OS X Yosemite (10.10)' started by bjb.butler, May 18, 2015.

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    Specifically, I'm talking about Microsoft Word. I often have multiple windows open and need to switch between them frequently. At the moment, I'm keeping them in full-screen mode and using the four finger swipe gesture to move between them. It works okay, but if you swipe to other applications, then Command + Tab back to Word, it'll mess up the order of the full screen apps, so you might have Safari or iTunes in between your two Word documents.

    Command + Tab cycles through the applications you have running, not individual windows. Is there a way (either built-in or with a third-party app) to replicate the Alt + Tab shortcut on windows, where it cycles through all open windows, regardless of application?

    Thanks in advance
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    For frontmost app, CMD-` or CMD-SHIFT-` to select in reverse, will cycle through its windows. But, I don't know of one that does this regardless of app. I would think using CMD-tab to get back to the app, then the CMD-` would work.

    ('`' is the '~' key)
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    Just to make sure - are you aware of the second four finger gesture, the one that shows only one app's windows? (doesn't work in fullscreen)
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    This no longer appears to work in El Capitan.
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    Which bit, the gesture or the kdb shortcuts?
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    i don't know if this helps but i think i do the same thing for Logic- same application running on different windows.

    I've set up in system preferences, keyboard, shortcuts, mission control and set up keyboard short cuts option key 1, option key 2 etc to switch to screen 1,2 etc etc

    hope that works for ya

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