Quicksilver limping from the Dead...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by comda, Jun 12, 2017.

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    Greetings Mac Rumours Power PC fans!

    It has been a long while since I've posted or done anything in the PowerPC world, and I have clearly missed a lot.. None the less a very kind regular user was able to assist me in possibly reviving a patient that I had believed was long dead.

    Original thread can be found here: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/quicksilver-help-me-bring-it-back.1847485/#post-20733824

    Anyways, with the help of a regular here on the forums we where able to diagnose the CPU card being at fault. Sadly it is the 1ghz Dual Processor card that is to blame.. I now thanks again to this kind person have a 800Mhz card for it, and rigged up a heatsink that I believe is from a old Pentium 2 era PC just to test it and it worked, as the DP heatsink is much too large. The other issue is the case fan, located at the bottom of the PC is cracked and was very loud and therefore unplugged, and for now I have put back the dead 1ghz DP card back in it..

    What I would like some feedback on is how can I mount the heatsink that I have or possibly a different one securely onto the machine? The way you see it below had temps monitored and they sat around a high 30 to a low 40c and only shot up past 50 slightly when I launched a windows 2000 virtual machine on it.... I was thinking just doing zip ties but fear the heat might melt them..

    I would also like to know if anyone has replaced the case fan and if so was there a specific one you looked for? I might just try and attempt to glue this one back together...

    I'm also looking at the hard drive mounts and see there are 3 "spots" for drives at the bottom of the case. All mounted from the bottom. However the original hard drive mount has rails on the side. What I'm wondering is the railings that extend pass the HDD seem to suggest there is a mount for another HDD above the first one.. However the mounting brackets shift about a 1/4 over making the gap between a possible HDD larger then needed. Why is that?

    I plan to either have Tiger or leopard (heck or both) running on this alongside with Classic OS, just for the heck of it, but first want to bring the cooling up to speck. And also a thank you, to the member here that helped diagnose my machine, and against my will gave me the replacement card. Maybe someday ill run into another 1ghz DP card.. or I might try to reflow this one.... Who knows. Just happy to See this thing chime.

    All comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.

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    Glad to see you back!

    I'm sorry that you didn't bring up the drive thing while you were here. What you have is what I call the "double stack" mount, and it is indeed designed to hold two hard drives. Secure the second through screws in the upper rails.

    The two addition hard drive "slots" can be used to mount a single hard drive as-is. You remove the plate by the single screw at the front of it, then mount the hard drive through the screw holes in the bottom. You can put a second "double stack" in the center if you want to load it up with drives.

    Also, I'm sorry that I didn't remember to grab the heatsink too.

    As for the fan-that took could have been attended to but I'd assess what exactly is going on first. My first Quicksilver was cracked on the center spindle and made a terrible noise when running. I bought that computer right at 3 years ago(I think it was May or June 2014), and the day I got it I filled the crack with superglue and let it dry. Admittedly the computer doesn't get used a lot now, but it spent over a year of being on almost 24/7 and in daily use. The last time I had it on, the fan was still fine.
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    Did I read zip ties? Cheap, hillbilly fixes are my specialty :D

    I'd go with 4 sturdy black zip ties for the heat sink. I have zip ties holding a fan onto the heatsink of the GF2MX on my QS and they work like a champ. I wouldnt worry about heat as common plastics melt at 100C. You're nowhere near that.

    The reason why I say four & not two zip ties is because IME they mount better. Using 2 on each side gives you 2 right angles that will snug up well to the edge of the daughter card and not spin where as if you use just one and go around it like a circle, the zip tie does not snug up as well and does tend to spin allowing your hillbilly heatsink to slide around.

    Mmmm, I'm hungry for some polish sausages now. Good luck.

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