R9 280X VS GTX 770

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by rawweb, Jan 17, 2016.

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    Aug 7, 2015
    I have a MVC flashed Gigabyte GTX 770 4GB and a self flashed MSI R9 280X 3GB. I found the MSI on CL for a good price last year and bought it just to play around with DIY flashing. Both cards work great. I've been running my 770 because it has the extra 1gb of vram. According to GPU boss they weigh in about the same: http://gpuboss.com/gpus/MSI-Radeon-R9-280X-vs-GIGABYTE-GeForce-GTX-770

    My question...which card should would you use? I primarily edit video with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and occasionally small projects in FCPX. I'm driving dual 27" LED ACDs. To do that with my 770 I have a DP to mDP and D-DVI to mDP adapter. The MSI card would do that without need for adapters. The only game I really monkey with for fun is SW Battlefront on Win10 bootcamp.
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    Aug 7, 2015
    I'm a bit embarrassed no one had any input. Any video editors have an opinion? I was just hoping to get a better understanding of the two cards and what their use might be for me.
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    I have a Gigabyte 7950 flashed with EFI and a flashed 680GTX. IMO, the 770GTX does a better rendering finder than the 7950. Where the 7950/280x struggles and the image tears on window scaling, the 680gtx/770gfx has no issues.

    That said my 680GTX decided to go into high fan mode and won't be recognized by OS X, whereas my 7950 is still chugging.

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