RadioShack Offering Pre-Orders for New iPad via $50 Gift Card Purchase

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    RadioShack today announced that it has begun taking pre-orders for the new iPad, with availability set for Friday, March 16. RadioShack's pre-ordering method requires customers to purchase a $50 gift card that can then be applied to final purchase once the device launches.
    RadioShack is also touting its Trade & Save program, which will offer users store credit of up to $350 for an iPad 2 or up to $175 for an original iPad. The credit can be applied to the purchase of a new iPad or any other product. Customers applying the trade-in credit to the purchase of a third-generation iPad or iPad 2 will also receive an additional $50 mail-in rebate.

    The company also notes that it is one of the few retailers that will offer AppleCare+ alongside the new iPad, simplifying the purchase and registration process for Apple's new extended warranty program with accidental damage coverage. According to RadioShack, it will join Apple, Target, and Apple's partner mobile phone carriers as the only U.S. retailers to offer AppleCare+ for iPad.

    Article Link: RadioShack Offering Pre-Orders for New iPad via $50 Gift Card Purchase
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    Pre-ordering at Radio Shack = FAIL

    Really. The only place to guarantee one is through Apple. RS & Best Buy have less than stellar reputations for Apple launches.
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    Just so long as the card is returnable for full refund, if you give up or buy one elsewhere.

    I had to buy a $100 gift card to reserve my iPad 2 at Best Buy last year—which I only did because they made up a complete fiction about mine already being en route in the next few days’ shipments. Not true—they didn’t even HAVE shipments scheduled to arrive--but weeks later I was able to return the card for full refund and order my iPad online. (They wanted to give me $100 cash, though, instead of putting it back on my credit card.)

    Bottom line... check the details, and don’t trust what salespeople (phone or in person) tell you: they may want the commission, or they may simply want you out of their hair quickly. I don’t think Best Buy was trying to scam me by saying my iPad was definitely coming in a two days. I think the specific person I was talking to just said that as the quickest way to make me go away and become some other Best Buy rep’s problem another day.
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    Stick with pre-ordering from Apple. Their iPhone 4 pre-orders were a complete disaster.
  5. KingFudd, Mar 8, 2012
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    I am a Radio Shack employee, and I will just tell some of my experiences with the 4S launch. This in no way indicates it will be the same with the this iPad launch. Everyone who preordered at my store (about 15-20) had one on launch day no matter what size/color they preordered. I'm sure not every store was this way. The $50 gift card was nonrefundable (most likely the same case here). There were no lines at all because RS stores tend to not be crowded. Yes you can get more by trading your previous generation on Craigslist/Ebay. However, you would be surprised how many people just put their old devices in the drawer and just let them sit there. (Don't bash me for being a RS employee; I'm just working my way through college).
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    I hope that this is indicative of BestBuy getting them on launch day as well- I've got a lot of BB gift cards built up from CC rewards/Christmas and haven't had anything really to use them on yet, so knocking the price of a new iPad down a modest bit would be nice. If they do, I'll likely just have to wait in line and take my chances since I'm on the road and won't be home to have one shipped via pre-order on launch day...
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    Jun 14, 2010
    I agree - stick with Apple if possible. However some folks are unable to take delivery on the 16th. Not everyone can receive personal packages at work, take the day off, or work from home. As to comparing vs Apple store pick up, many people live far closer to a Radio Shack than an Apple store.

    Not to defend RS, but there are reasons people would want to not go with Apple.

    Ha. You make it sound like you're doing pr0n flicks or something. :D
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    Radio Shack is still relevant?

    Of all places I could ever imagine going to buy my new iPad, RS is the last place to get anything from. Now I live in NYC so I have every option imaginable to me to get my new iPad but RS is definitely not one. I remember when I went to buy my iPhone 4 there a sales associate told me I had to buy their warranty in order to get the product. I called corporate and they told me they were receiving several calls of this happening in many of their stores and that this was against store policy and against the law in NY. So with this info handy, I pretty much went back to the store and made the associate feel stupid. I got my item without the forceable warranty. One thing that's good with RS, depending on your location is that because they've become so irrelevant in the electronic world, they are likely to have the new iPad in stock as no one would ever think of going there to buy one. Just don't let them bully you into buying their warranty or any warranty if you don't want one especially if you live in NYC.
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    Be advised: I went to two stores to check this out and they only reserve the WiFi models, they don't have SKUs for the 4G
  10. yashi macrumors member

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    I preordered something from RadioShack a couple years ago that required me to buy a $50 gift card, and I never even received a notice that it was ever available to pick up.
  11. badmac78 macrumors 6502

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    Wi-Fi Only available for pre-order at Radio Shack

    Went to the local Radioshack after reading this. They only have the Wi-Fi models available for pre-order.
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    I only want a WiFi anyway, so the Shack might be an option. But that credit of "up to $350" for the old iPad probably means that that top-of-the-line 3G version would get the top price.

    There's another option (but not as good a deal as the Shack's): when no one else in the area had an iPad 2, I walked into my local WalMart and picked one up.
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    Radio Shack is already out. Stopped doing the preorders.
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    Dont do it you won't get one

    I did this for the last 2 iPhones and it took 2 weeks after everyone else got there's. they won't give you a refund either. I had to protest the payment with my credit card to get my money back they don't show you the terms of the sale until the sales complete and you get the details on the back of the receipt that says no refunds. DON'T USE RADIO SHACK if u want one in a reaionable time
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    I thought that would be illegal? To prevent someone from stealing a credit card, buying stuff, and then returning it for cash.
  16. MrXiro, Mar 9, 2012
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    That's a bit fanatical in thinking... "Only Apple does it right" "BUY ONLY from the :apple:!!!"

    I purchased my iPad from Best Buy release day with a small line and a lot of happy customers in Los Angeles, CA no less.
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    I don't particularly care for RS, but I did pre-order my iPhone 4 there and I was able to pick it up at 8am on launch day with no problems. I live in a rural area though, so no nearby Apple stores and not that many people around here were interested in the i4 launch.
  18. sms-marketing macrumors newbie

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    Yeah, when I had rang for a pre-order on my Ipad (was ipad). They guy in the store had allocated it to one of his friends, then I had to wait another month. After I mentioned it to the supervisors of the store (APPLE). They gave me free case and screen protector for it. So I was pretty happy. Go apple.
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    Launches @ RS

    I have been through quite a few launches for RS and it had always been a fun experiences.

    When you put $50 down, that would guarantee you to recieve a iphone or iPad for launch. With every pre order each store recieved, corporate would know where to send devices specifically.

    That is also why pre orders were most likely stopped so fast after news broke out to the public. RS doesn't want a PR nightmare by not being able to deliver!

    As to what happened to to yahsi, a few things come to mind...
    1) did you ever go back to the store to find out why u didn't get a call? From my exp, a incorrect number causes a lot of problems!

    2) even with an inexperienced manager, there were multiple redundant systems in place that made sure whomever ordered recieved a phone.

    The last comment I can say is if you don't get a pre order placed, unlike an apple store, RS wont get many extras units above pre order. So the pre ordersing is your best bet.
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    IMHO, if you couldnt get a pre-order...check out Walmart.

    I missed out on launch day pre-order's for the iPad 2...and scoped out my local Walmart (who was supposed to have them). The launch was at 5pm, got there at 4:30pm. 4th in line at the electronics dept, line went to ~16 by 5pm...they had 25 iPad 2s.
  21. chrismaddern, Mar 16, 2012
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