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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by skrypj, Jan 26, 2011.

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    I am looking at a 2010 Mac Mini as a first mac, but in the past i have heard that apple blacklisted ram in an attempt to force people to upgrade through them, is this true? I would like to buy the mini with 2gb and then immediately upgrade to 4gb or maybe even 8gb since thats only about $50-$100 in real life. Can I go with any DDR3-1066 Laptop Memory?

    Also, is 8gb even necessary for most people, I plan on using it to either play 1080p content off of its own hdd or off of a NAS using XMBC. Nothing else to crazy as its just going to be hooked up to my TV.

    Does the 2010 Mini have an IR reciever so that it can be controlled with a remote?

    Thanks a lot everyone!

    EDIT: Nevermind I found out it does have an IR port in the manual online, Apples spec page doesnt mention it.
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    This is the first mini that has user-replaceable ram actually. For just playing videos, the stock 2GB would even be fine. You could bump it up to 4 if you feel like you need to, but 8GB really isn't necessary, especially for light use.
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    I upgraded to 8GB that I purchased at Micro Center and it worked fine. The only issue I had is when I installed the new memory I did not push it into the slots firmly enough, so it didn't recognize one stick at first. This is the first computer that the memory goes into this hard, into the slot that it. I suppose it is new so it's a tight fit.

    IMO 2GB is fine for light use but many people find 4-5GB is a sweet spot for them. Adding a 4GB stick is a nice upgrade. Heavy users definitely can use 8GB. There are usually 3-4 different users on my Mini as well as 1-2 gamers. Don't forget all that ram will keep various programs so they start up nice and quick when you go to use it again.

    Ram is definitely a worthwhile upgrade for the Mini but, on a tangent topic, the hdd is next in line for an upgrade. IMO, the standard 320GB hdd is a very, slow notebook drive and is quite inadequate for any type of use. I swapped mine for a 500GB Momentus XT and I absolutely love it. SSD's are faster but I drew a line for my price/storage and I couldn't justify a SSD at this time. I would imagine that sata connections will go the way of the Do-Do in another year or so as well as prices coming down drastically.

    I hope this helps.
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