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Read first! Common iPhone problems, iPhone tips, and Discussions of Interest

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Certain threads in the iPhone forum are of particular and widespread interest. They are listed here for easy reference. See also the Mac Guides listed at the top of the forum page.

iPhone problems

How do I delete photos on my iPhone? - methods and software

My iPhone Water Damage - FYI Only - what to do

iPhone 3G Yellow Screen Issue - screen tints

3G - Cracks in Plastic Housing - service experiences

Iphone 3g "light leak" thread - service experiences

iPhone only has one working bottom speaker/defective speaker - a common misinterpration

iPhone and iPod touch OS 3.0 Bugs, Questions and Comments - Mac Guide and discussion thread

My iPhone isnt activating? Anyone else have this problem? - activation delays

Panic! Just cracked my iPhone 3G screen! Chances of it growing? - screen cracking

Had an issue syncing certain things in MobileMe. - fixing sync problems by recreating a MobileMe account with lowercase letters

iPhone tips and reference

Locating MAC address on iPhone - serial number, network address, ID numbers

iPhone w/ Brush Metal Trim - a do-it-yourself method

AT&T Feature Codes and Free Bonus Feature Codes Including TMS4 1500 SMS for $8.99 - codes for discounted features

iPhone Battery Guide and Charging Tips (3Gs / 3G / Original) - getting the most out of your battery

Quick guide to enable MMS and Tethering on iPhone 3.0 - for AT&T customers

100+ 3.0 Hidden Features - features you may not know about

iPhone 3.0 Users; Enable Tethering in 1 Minute! NO MMS! - how to tether

Getting MMS to work with AT&T (Screenshots Included) - what to ask for

3G S Voice Commands - The complete li - documented and undocumented voice commands

Apple iOS 4 Tips, Hidden Features, Etc... - features and secrets found in iOS

Apps That Take Advantage of iPhone 4 Specific Features - retina display, gyroscope, etc.

Can I use my iphone to tether ipad?

iPhone discussions of interest

iPhone/Verizon? 3G Unlocked? - speculation

Bluetooth keyboard with iPhone? - peripherals

iPhone 3GS UK Discussion thread - for U.K. issues and discussion

iPhone 3Gs - Italy and Belgium - unlocked? - availability there and elsewhere in Europe

Premier Customers Only - What's your status? - shipping status

The "I Got My iPhone 3G S" - First Impressions Thread - comments by new purchasers

The U.K. iPhone 4 Thread - U.K. issues and discussion

The CANADIAN iPhone thread..... - Canada issues and discussion

iPhone photos

iPhone Photo-of-the-Day

Post your iPhone's wallpaper!!! (some mild NSFW)

Celebrities With The iPhone

iPhone 3G - already with pictures ! (aka "iPhone Girl")

Post pictures of your 3GS!

Actual 3GS video quality

Post Pictures taken with your 3GS

Post your iOS4 home screen

Post your Photos Taken with an iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Wallpaper Thread (Some NSFW): Part 1, Part 2

Other threads

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If you know of other iPhone threads that match those shown above in purpose and popularity, please let us know using the Contact form. We consider each request, but be forewarned that we favor threads that have stood the test of time, and your favorite thread may not be one we decide is suitable for this list.
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