reading some interesting pc thunderbolt info.


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Apr 13, 2010
Howell, New Jersey

this should work with all my thunderbolt gear.

if the new mini has 2 thunderbolt ports it would be able to link to common gear thus allowing very fast inter linking with a pc.

looks like a project to get hatfield and mccoys together. (pc's and mac's)

I am thinking on how to blend a diy pc with really good graphics to my mini. this mobo may allow it.

pc/mobo-------(pegasus/windows bootcamp)------mini

truly allow monster graphics when running windows in the pc.

allowing the same boot drive for both machines. both could run windows 7 with the same ssd in the pegasus. almost perfect solution. I will need to take my time with this idea but any suggestions are welcome. I have a nice cpu on order a i7 3770t


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Oct 3, 2006
I doubt that you can connect two different computers to the Pegasus at the same time and it be functional.


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Apr 2, 2011
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Damn I just built a new PC with the ASUS P8Z77-Deluxe. It has a Thunderbolt Header but I have to wait for them to release the PCI-e card for it. This Premium motherboard is a beast but it's also $450 to $499. That's way too expensive. By next year, maybe ten months even it should be closer to $300. But by then the next CPU architecture will probably be close to release. So far I see absolutely no reason to upgrade from an i7 2700K on a desktop.

The next release should be a substantial performance jump, that's what I'm waiting for.


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Apr 13, 2010
Howell, New Jersey
I doubt that you can connect two different computers to the Pegasus at the same time and it be functional.
I can connect 2 mac mini's and have it work, but one mac mini at a time.

I don't mind using the pc or the mini. As long as they are sharing the same boot disk it allows better integration of the machines.

huge amount of info say a 500 gb disk is accessable to either machine in 2 or 3 minutes. the time it takes to power one machine down and boot the other would be under 2 or 3 minutes and all the info on the bootcamp drive is accessible. I am waiting on the cpu chip so this will take a while to do.

Right now my home theater shares a mini and a diy pc moving info is slow I do it with a nas. I move windows files to the nas from the pc then from the nas to a mini that has windows vm fusion.

time consuming multi step process.

turning off the pc and booting the mini with the same bootcamp ssd is not time consuming.

if ;


only one machine powered on

does not work.

mini _____________lacie lbd----------------(pegasus-bootcamp)------------------lacie lbd__________pc

will work. Put the lacies on power switches.

turn the mini off, turn the lacie next to the mini off. turn the lacie next to the pc on boot the pc. using the pegasus.

at no time will the pegasus see the computer that has its lacie turned off.

this would also work with 3 lacies.


in a few minutes all info on the center lbd is the osx drive on either machine.

still not perfect solution but allows for great graphics with the pc in use.

I need to wait a bit to do this as the new board is full size I want a matx size board. also i want the board to cost 200 not 450. I am in the middle of redoing my ht. here ARE Photos of it. right now i am testing a new pc build. the machine is about as good as a 2010 mac pro with the better hd5870 and a ssd. cost 1.1k that mac pro would be 3k new. 2.5k plus .5k for the ssd and hd5870.

what i do now is leave both machines turned on. i just switch the tvs hdmi via remote control to move from the mini to the pc. so that works okay but if I could use the same boot drive on the pegasus that would be really nice. that pc case is 14 by 14 by 6 the mini is on the top rack and boots from the pegasus


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