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Jan 23, 2012

Hi, well I got my MacBook Pro for Christmas and Was waiting for my case (to protect it) to arrive for a few weeks so I was super careful with my Mac so that it didn't come to any harm... the case arrived and I stuck it on to have a look and then had some trouble getting it off again as there was a spec of dirt under it, anyway it took to using a knife (biggest mistake of my life) to get it off and now from where i was wedging the knife in-between the case and the mac theres a tiny in dent type scratch on the front... I know this is silly but this tiny mark is killing me, this is my first mac and I was bought it for my last two years of uni and it's my absolute baby... I need to know if there is any product that I can buy to correct this maybe some sort of sand paper thing I don't know I just want it fixed I would be fine about it if i'd had it for at least six months but I've barely had it a month,
This is ridiculously long sorry,
It's so bad that there wasn't a mark on it until the case arrived to protect it arghhh help me please, by the way I'm not normally bothered about things like this but I've never had an object that I love so much lol I sound crazyyy!!


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Dec 26, 2011
What kind of case do you have? If you have a case, how can you see the scratch when it's on? Or for that matter, a spec of dirt. Is it some kind of a clear case?


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Oct 18, 2011
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It's not good to get so attached to a computer...
Agreed. OP needs to learn that a computer is a tool and although its an expensive machine, it's made to be used and with use comes scuffs and scratches. They're what make the MBP yours and not anyone else's, since every MBP will be silver with a white apple on it. Nothing stays perfect forever.


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Jan 11, 2012
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Hi, well I got my MacBook Pro for Christmas and Was waiting for my case (to protect it) to arrive for a few weeks so I was super careful with my Mac so that it didn't come to any harm...
Don't feel bad. There's so many paranoid Mac owners out there, they keep an entire Apple Accessories Industry in business. You don't see colored plastic shells, skins & other such stuff for anything but Apple products. It's the effect Macs have on some people.

They treat them like jewelry. Taking extreme measures to keep them from looking as though they're being used & enjoyed.

Mines well cared for, yet not covered up. I bought it to use & enjoy. Not to keep it pretty for resale reasons.

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Apr 6, 2006

If it bugs you so much sell it on Ebay or CL. IF not, leave it alone or you WILL makes it worse.

I mean, i'd hate to think of you making it much worse now, considering how freaked out you are. But you did the right thing to come here. We are here to help. This is the Apple HOT LINE ,so to speak, for geeks who are in trouble.

We love you. So put away the sandblaster, hide the pills, unload the gun, and come here and post away. :)


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May 3, 2009
Easier said then done, but I've been taught (and I have to keep relearning this) to not sweat the small stuff.

Yeah, I totally understand where you're coming from, you've damaged, albeit slightly, you Mac that you've worked hard at saving and trying to buy. Now that its damaged there's really nothing you can do to correct it.

You can accept what happened and take it as a lesson learned, or can sell it, but you'll not get what you paid for and you'll have raise up more $$ to replace it.

Personally, I'd say accept it, and move on. There are other things in life that are bigger and more important. I try to keep my Macs in pristine condition but my MBP is portable so there is a risk with carrying a laptop.


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May 16, 2011
(biggest mistake of my life)
If THAT is the biggest mistake of your life, then consider yourself lucky.

Leave it alone, and try not to get so attached to material things. Someone could steal it tomorrow.


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Mar 14, 2008
I suggest you promptly see a therapist about your weird attachment to objects. This isn't normal behaviour and if it is bothering you this much, it is impacting your quality of life and you should seek treatment.

It's a scuff mate, when things get used, they'll get worn, be it scuff, dents, dings, scratches, whatever. I hope you never buy a new car, you'll shoot yourself when you make your first scratch!


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Dec 5, 2009
Well op know you how ridiculous that sounds.
Ironic putting the thing into a box to protect it and because of a speck of dust, he scratches it with a knife, trying to get that speck of dust out. Just LOL.
I would hang myself with such problems.


Jan 15, 2003

... I know this is silly but this tiny mark is killing me, this is my first mac and I was bought it for my last two years of uni and it's my absolute baby...
Get over it.

It's a computer.

Put some of your angst and energy into doing some good in the world - volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, your local soup kitchen, whatever.


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Jun 17, 2009
Redford, MI
It's not the end of the world, it's just a tiny imperfection. I understand that you really like your computer, but it isn't going to function any differently with a tiny little dent in it. Don't try to fix'll just end up causing more damage. Whether this happens at 2 weeks, 6 months or 2 years, chances are that most people's MBPs will end up with some small amount of's a portable computer, and those kinds of things happen. Take a deep breath and try to enjoy using your computer.


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Jul 13, 2008
Hey OP I'm not a psychologist so I'll just try to help with your question about the Mac.

It's just aluminum that's scratched, right? If so, go to an auto parts store and gets some polishing compound. Try that on the machine in an unobtrusive place so that you scan see whether it helps. You might even start with toothpaste; the idea is to use as fine a compound as possible and work up to rougher stuff as necessary. Rubbing compound would be more abrasive, and sand paper more so. If you don't mind embarrassing yourself further, just check local places that work with metal. Lots of restorers do this sort of stuff.

If it's a furrow you've gouged or a dent, that's much tougher to fix. You might be able to grind it out, etc but given your repair skills it wouldn't be a diy job.



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Jul 29, 2011
United Kingdom
Unless its the most slight of scratches you are probably not going to get shot of the damage. You'll probably make things look worse. The paint on the MacBooks scratches really easily. Without a case they scratch underneath simply from movement on a desk.

I understand why you want it to be perfect as to some the purchase is as much about design as it is the OS or applications.

The only viable option is to get a price to replace the damaged part or.. I've with it..

Can you post a picture?
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