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    Ok, so I have the 20" Alum. 2.4GHz iMac, running Leopard and XP SP2 under Boot Camp. Basically, I have a few questions regarding reinstalling Windows. The way I obtained Windows was through the XP SP2b system builders OEM disc I bought. What I know about the disc is that I can only install it on one computer. However, I'm just worried about when I decided to erase everything and start a completely fresh install of Leopard and XP. Should I run into any problems when reinstalling XP? I just don't understand how the whole product key thing works and if it really is tied to my computer. Also, is there anything I should be paying attention to when I do the fresh install of XP?
  2. valvehead macrumors regular

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    You shouldn't have any problems. Of course you will have to activate Windows again, but online activation only takes a few seconds.
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    you can install XP once every six months on your system. Microcrap resets the registration every six months.

    So if its been over six months you are in the clear. If not then Google Bypassing Windows Registration!
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    It shouldn't be a problem if it's the same hardware configuration after installation. So, if it was previously authenticated, it should be able to re-authenticate on-line OK. If not, you can give MS a call - it's actually not too bad a process (I've had to do it a couple of times - in fact, recently, as I moved my BC install from one machine to another).
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    "MICROCRAP"? I'm rolling on the floor!!

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