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Discussion in 'iPad' started by fosterpants, May 30, 2011.

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    I feel somewhat silly posting this but I had placed a patch of 3M Velcro on the back of my iPad 2 so I could hang it all sorts of places but found that I usually just held on to it and rarely used the velcro. Thus I decided I no longer needed it and began pulling the patch off. Well the Velcro covered the apple symbol and it pulled out and broke in half at the same time leaving an apple shaped cutout in the back of my iPad. I've googled for replacement parts but mostly find screens, buttons and batteries.

    Anyone have a line on where to find a new apple?
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    I don't mean to rain on your parade, but it looks like that's a replacement radome for the iPad 1. See this teardown pic [of iPad 2] from iFixit: teardown

    In any event, disassembly of the iPad 2 is difficult at best. Assuming nothing broke in the process, reassembly would require the use of special structural adhesives (and possibly specialized skills to use them). And, that assumes you would be able to properly clean and prepare the parts prior to application.

    I'd go with the "be very nice to the Genius Bar person" plan and hope for the best. Or, worst case, a reasonable repair bill... Good luck, anyway. :)
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    even if you do find a replacement, what is your game plan to put the part in? it obviously will not go in through the back.

    I take apart all kinds of gadgets to repair them and from what I've seen, the ipad 2 is put together with an extraordinary amount of adhesive. It requires a heat gun to get apart (potential for accidental damage with a heat gun is great) and once you are done, I bet it never fits together again like it did from the factory.

    kind of a pickle your in, but I think you are asking for more headache to replace it than to just live with it.

    the other option would be to do an out of warranty replacement with apple.

    if you are not familiar, you give them your broken unit and some money ($299 I think but not sure) and they give you a refurbished unit in fully working order and usually in perfect cosmetic shape.
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    The OP did not want to take the obvious advice to go to the Apple Store and be respectful with the Genius.
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    Am I the only one that is curious what this looks like? I want a pic... lol
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    I have to agree with everyone here, dont try to undertake this on your own, at the least talk to a genius and see what they say... personally I would not pay much to have this fixed, I would probably try to find a case to cover the problem...
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    Cover it with one of the apple stickers you got at purchase?
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    Buy a case for it and forget you screwed up the Apple logo on the back? Of fill it with Spackling Paste?

    Buying a replacement part and taking the whole thing apart to put it in is going to end in more frustration, I predict.
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    I agree what the others have said, u may end up messing it up or not put back right just to replace that little piece.
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    Just simply tell Apple what happened. I'm betting that you will get a replacement!

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