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    I am trying to downgrade from IOS 9 beta 2 to IOS 8.4. I have 8.4 on the phone now but it won't restore to the backup that I wish for it to revert to. I get an error message saying that the software is too old. Please help!

    I found the backups listed under ITunes Preferences/Devices, however, can't get it to recognize that backup automatically through ITunes. It is trying to restore from March. It did have a backup from 9:30 last night, however, that was a bad backup with nothing on my phone. The one I am trying go get is about an hour older. When I did the restore from the 9:30 backup, it prompted me with an "older backup" which I believe was the 8:00 backup. After several attempts, it finally restored.

    The only thing that was put back on my phone, however, was the apps. None of my settings, email, pictures, music were added.

    Can anyone tell me how to get iTunes to recognize the backup that I need?

    Thanks to all!
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    You cannot. The backup file is newer than 8.4 so itunes won't let you use it until you update to ios 9.

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