retina Macbook pro CAN NOT BE REPLACED for Image Retention ISSUE

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by lionhoho, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. lionhoho macrumors newbie

    Aug 31, 2012
    I learned from Genius at apple store days ago

    1) "see, while we are talking, it is less than 5 minutes the ghosts disappeared, so this is not a hardware issue"
    2) "this will happen under certain condition, so it is not a hardware issue"
    3) "If we replaced the screen, what about it happened again?"

    Happend at the time I wanted to replace the screen (second time).

    Please check the full story here

    For now, the only option to me is wait till apple release kinda UPDATE TO FIX THE PROBLEM.

    I or we (who got or may have the same situation with me) need your help!

  2. LegendaryHero macrumors newbie

    Apr 23, 2012
    New Jersey
    I'd say go to another Apple store. The apple store near me replaced my RMBP and let me keep my old one until the replacement arrived. They didn't give me a hard time or anything, I just showed them the IR issue. Unfortunately my replacement also has an LG screen, so far so good on the IR issues though. Good luck!
  3. lionhoho thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 31, 2012
    Thanks, but will that work? I think they do have some kind of notes for every client. I saw that on their pad.

    And keep watching the new screen. 3 weeks after I got my second screen, I noticed the image retention.
  4. derbothaus macrumors 601


    Jul 17, 2010
    Apple can't release an "update" for a HW problem. Genius' are not known for their smarts so much as their "tow the mall store line". If Apple can dissuade even a few customers then they eat much less of this apparent fiasco. IPS screens have some image retention but it is usually later in the displays life. Should not happen brand new. The fact that some exhibit it and not others leads to a conclusion of it NOT being software as all rMBP's are running the same software. No? It could be some sort of firmware interaction but I doubt the genius even knows how that would work. They get weaker every year seriously. Most of the time they just seem to make crap up.
  5. polotska macrumors 6502

    Sep 23, 2007
    They may or may not have made any significant notations at the first store, and they may or may not look anything up at another store.
  6. alphaod macrumors Core


    Feb 9, 2008
    You can't get a replacement after doing a repair. I would have gotten an exchange the first time around.
  7. lionhoho thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 31, 2012
    Thanks for all your advises.

    I was told by the online support. He asked me to do the replacement for the screen and if the problem is still there, they can try to replace the entire item. And now I can't reach the senior. Have tried many calls and always voice message
  8. BlazednSleepy macrumors 6502a

    Apr 15, 2012
    Go to a different store and don't take no for an answer.
  9. lionhoho thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 31, 2012
    thanks, I'll really consider that...
  10. mykelala01 macrumors 6502


    May 17, 2009
    Just go to other Apple stores. Genuises are humans too. Sometimes they just hate your guts and just want to give you a hard time. As long as you feel that your computer got problem and not happy with it. They should replace or fix it. Or call their customer relation. And explain your disgust with your computer. As long as you are under waranty. They will do under their power, to make you a happy camper.
  11. plucky duck macrumors 6502a

    Jan 5, 2012
    Wow, that looks pretty bad. How long does it take for the image to go away? My parent's plasma has slight retention, but unless it's against a really light background it's not that noticeable. Still sucks though, especially on a $2000 piece of equipment.
  12. lionhoho thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 31, 2012
    about 3 minutes I guess and my plasma got a serious retention on right corner :D still there after I first time found them half year ago.
  13. Storrow macrumors regular

    May 25, 2006
  14. mac jones macrumors 68040

    Apr 6, 2006
  15. lionhoho thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 31, 2012
    but apple still pretend this is not a hardware issue and no explain, no announcement.
  16. terraphantm macrumors 68040

    Jun 27, 2009
    Plasmas and LCDs are different technologies. Plasmas you have to be careful with during the first hundred hours of use. Something I found out the hard way - a year later and I can still faintly see a USA logo burned in the bottom right corner.

    LCDs can exhibit some image retention, but you won't get any burn in unless it's truly defective.
  17. T5BRICK macrumors G3


    Aug 3, 2006
    Call AppleCare and explain the situation to them. I've run into issues like this and none of the Apple stores around here would do the repair that was covered under a warranty extension. A quick call to AppleCare and they sent me a new laptop, a box for my old laptop and a pre-paid shipping label for the return. This was even on a year old computer, and I got a free upgrade to the current model.

    I appreciate that the Apple stores are around, but their service has never been very good for me. Calling AppleCare directly always works for me.
  18. klover macrumors 6502a

    Jun 7, 2009
    I don't understand the multitude of issues that Apple seems to have with panel supply quality.

    I'm using a $279 laptop with a Chi Mei screen that has better whites, better color uniformity, and absolutely no tinting. Yes, it's a low resolution screen with average viewing angles and contrast but that's exactly what it was designed to have as a budget panel.

    I went through 5 rMBPs and never had one with an acceptable display (2 LGs, 3 Samsungs). Backlight bleed, dark spots, yellow tint, red/green tint, etc. Each and every one had some kind of problem.

    From yellow iPads/iMacs to IR-prone LG panels, I just wish they could do something about the consistency of panel quality.
  19. scruch macrumors member


    Sep 21, 2007
    hi collegues,
    I have a MBPr 2.6ghz-16gb-512ssd (week 29 july) with LG and yes I notice some ghost effects.
    I went yesterday to the genius here in Milano, and after they saw the problem, they ordered a brand new clamshell-lcd to replace my haunted retinaLCD.

    I'm a little upset because after little more than one month my mbr has to be half disassembled. I cannot pretend the exchange also bc I choosed 16GB ram BTO . What u think ?

    Of course this repair is under guarantee. For your information if it was not (i.e.: u broke ur lcd… ) the hw part cost 533€.
  20. CHMK macrumors regular

    Sep 3, 2012
    I talked to a genius and was pretty insistent on a new laptop as id done some research prior to coming. they said they would give me one if they had no screens left. lo and behold they have 2 left. whcih is funny as i went a few days ago to replace my screen bcos of another problem before this one, but they lied to me and said it would take 3 weeks. so they replaced it for me in less than an hour despite saying it would take 3-5 days. pretty happy with it so far. if u have a noticeable image retention, it is your consumer right to get it replaced, so dont take no for an answer, talk to the manager or even customer support. theyll fold eventually


    when i told the genius that everyone having problems he said he knows cos he reads the forums every night, and that he knows its a problem, saying that yes it is a problem, but apple is not willing to recognise it officially even though he knows it is one.
  21. thekev macrumors 604


    Aug 5, 2010
    If it's widespread enough, they'll determine a long term policy for the issue as they have done with past things. Overall I find it easier to avoid hardware that could be prone to issues.

    It's not a simple issue. These seem to be custom parts or at least customized to some degree. If it's Apple designing them, that would be one problem. They do not have a lot of experience in display design. If something is designed in a way that is too difficult to manufacture, it can become an issue when this is scaled up to large quantities. Beyond that I have to wonder if the apparent tints could have been better handled via better ways of setting the hardware levels and profile. Some of the stock profiles handle colors in a really weird manner.
  22. Blue604 macrumors regular

    Mar 6, 2012
    I think you can ask for a full refund. I have a 16gb retina thru Apple store. Here is what I wrote in another thread...

    I just did the refund on my 4th replacements, and my first order was middle June. I received my 4th replacements around two weeks ago

    I am not 100% sure, but I think if you have IR problem and if it's passed 2 weeks (i.e. 1 or 2 months), you can still ask for a refund. Because when I called them for refund, at first they thought my laptop was the one that's ordered in Mid June, and they said the can do this thru special case. But they had to transfer me to Apple Care to get a "case number", so they can process the refund/replacement after.

    Of course, after i explained this is the 4th one and within 2 weeks, they had no problem doing it.

    Note: not everyone who answered the phone knows what's going on.(some just doesn't read call history) You can call a few times to get the right person.

    One of the customer rep told me they want their custoemrs to be happy with their products. They will even refund those engraved iPods if customers change their minds.
  23. scruch macrumors member


    Sep 21, 2007

    Hi colleagues,
    I just received back my MBPr from the genius. They changed the whole LCD clamshel.

    Here are the difference of the model :

    Last login: Sun Aug 26 14:42:06 on console
    mccoy:~ scruch$ ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6
    Color LCD

    Last login: Tue Sep 4 15:47:32 on console
    McCoy:~ scruch$ ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6
    Last login: Fri Sep 7 13:26:00 on console
    McCoy:~ scruch$ ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6
    Color LCD
    McCoy:~ scruch$

    So they mounted me again an LG , the only difference is the serial number that seems much more newer.

    What u think ?
  24. lionhoho thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 31, 2012
    Thanks for the help to all you guys above. Last night I got my 2nd replacement back from another apple store, and, no exciting, LG again,


    This is my 3rd LG screen, let's see what will happen next
  25. scruch macrumors member


    Sep 21, 2007
    I have IR again on my MBR .. much less than before... but still.... with the checkboard image I have IR for like 10 seconds (before it was 3_5 minutes)

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