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Aug 20, 2015
Exactly. I've had my doubts around the Smart Case that came with my APM's, but for me, in my usage, I very rarely need any case. When at home, I just put the headphones down on my desk or on top of my Ipad. When traveling - I keep them on my head, and in some rare occasions I store them in the Smart Case in my backpack.

I'm not defending Apples choice here - the Smart Case is a poorly designed product. But after almost a year of ownership of the APM's, it's a way less big problem than I expected.
I actually use mine around the house, mainly to put them into low power mode and make them a little more compact. I think the case looks a bit unfinished visually (feels like they were going for some "origami" aesthetic which isn't very well realized) but functionally I think they accomplish exactly what's needed.
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Sep 21, 2018
Like with too many cases (including one similar case I bought), the zipper seems to be too close to the headphones and might scratch them.
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