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    System Requirements

    Minimum Requirements
    CPU: Pentium 3 (450MHz)
    Memory: 256MB or above
    Graphics Card: Memory 64MB or above
    Sound Card: must be compatible with Direct Sound
    Disk Space: 2.0 GB
    DirectX: MS-DirectX 8.1 or above
    Modem/connection: 56k modem
    OS: Windows 98

    Recommended Requirements
    CPU: Pentium 4
    Memory: 512MB or above
    Graphics Card: Memory 128MB or above
    Sound Card: must be compatible with Direct Sound
    Disk Space: 5.0 GB
    DirectX: MS-DirectX 8.1 or above
    Modem/connection: Broadband (Cable, ADSL, VDSL)
    OS: Windows 2000 / XP

    Races and Classes

    There are 4 main classes that you start out as: warrior, ranger, spiritualist and specialist. Their capabilities vary depending on which race. (note: accretians do not have the spiritualist option). When you start out as a certain class, it will probably only affect what weapons/skills you use to a certain degree, and maybe your 2nd calss after lv30, but before then, you will see a lot of mixing between the races (e.g. rangers using magic to level). However, the class you choose will affect your SP/HP/MP levels. I won't go into how warriors use close range weapons and how rangers use ranged weapons because in RF they don't (or at least in Taiwan they don;t ), nevertheless, there will always be some who go for specialization and just use only 1 type of weapon to level, but its not recommended, many level two types of classes for their character (for example, if i start out as a mage, i will use magic at first, but i might use a sword and sheild and level like a warrior on the side to increase my HP or something).

    The Accretians are the android race and so they cannot use magic (apparently for their absence of spiritual power). One of the special features of Accretia is after lv15 where they can use rocket launchers to attack. (This is what i heard) Because the fire arrows that are used in rocket launchers are quite heavy so they only mainly get utilized later in the game and apparently only some classes can equip them. The fire power of rocket launcers excel those of normal firearms, which makes it accretia's speciality, however, the delay time is longer, but they look cool and you can equip different types of "bullets" (mainly different elements). And if you're worrying about the delay time of the rocket launchers, accretians have measures to counter that, you can attach a kind of "placement" device (i think) , but when you use it, you cant' move but it will decrease the delay time. So if you like long range rocket launchers then chose accretia (lol), i think they have increased HP compared to the other races too.

    Strengths: good defense and attack (in otherwords strong)
    Weaknesses: (boring? i don't know, haven't tried)

    Besides being able to use magic, bellato can use different types of "holy" magic as buffs and support (ie. the increase HP/MP regen spell), bellato is the only race amongst the 3 than utilizes both machinery and magic. After level 30, bellato can job change into the pilot class and pilot a mech and use it for battle. Most mech have about 110,000 HP, however, you can't replenish this HP in battle, the only thing you can do is return to the city after the battle and repair it, 110,000 HP is a lot so expect it to take a bit of money, another problem with mechs is they they move really really slow.

    Strengths: Can use both magic and mech, mechs are strong!
    Weaknesses: They suck before level 30 (because they cannot use mechs XD) and it is costly to repair and maintain a mech.

    The Cora are the main users of magic and use "dark" magic (thing gothic =__= they dress like it too, lol.) When Cora reach lv 30 they can change to Summoner class and they can summon different types of summon called Animus: like the healing summon, the battle summon and the ranged summon. Everytime the Animus heals/attacks it will gain experience. Besides being a supportive role, it is probably the most interesting part of Cora.

    Strengths: high magic ability, can use summon.
    Weaknesses: unknown (not sure yet)

    Warriors : rely on vitality as their basis for fighting, they mainly use close ranged weapons for their attack. The weapons they can use are only closed range and they can use armour/sheilds with high defense. Also, they are more specialized in close ranged attacks (ie. their attack power may be greater), another speciality of warriors is they can use all of the close ranged attack skills.

    Rangers : They have improved concentration and agility to have the power to attack from a distance. They are mainly equipped with long ranged weapons, and they use their high attack speed to attack enemies. They mainly use light armours, and apart from being able to use all the long ranged skills, another speciality of rangers is they can use various arrows and ranged weapons as the means for their attack.

    Spiritualists : they use their high intelligence as the basis for their attack. Besides the Accretian Empire, ther other races (Cora, Bellato) can use magic. Compared to other jobs/builds, they have greater skill/ability power, they use their magic staffs/rods for weapons to increase their magic power, the equipment they wear has the same ability to increase their magic power as well.

    Specialists : they are catagorized as warriors, however there are specialized skills that come with this class/job/build. They are a mining, crafting, creating kind of class, the type of specialist varys within each race and each specialist has his/her different areas/levels of ability.

    Leveling system
    I have to say, RF has one of the weirdest, most unique leveling systems. Basically you can use anything in the game, magic, swords, bows, you name it. what you use determines the strenghts of your character. The most you use a gun to level, the better the attack of the gun will be, so its all down to you what you want to level.

    The point system.
    Rf has different leveling systems for a character, the main point system, the skills point system and the magic point system.

    The main point system.
    The statuses of a character are divided into different catagories: close range, long range, magic, sheild and defense. So if i use a sword and sheild to level, my close range and my sheild points will level up. The equipment and weaponry aren't restricted to class but are restricted to what your level is and what your point level is. For example, if i look at the description of a certain wand, it will say: requirement level: 22, point level: Magic 10 or something like that.

    The Ability point system.
    RF is seperated into skills/abilities and magic. There skills/abilities are bascially buffs, for example, increase attack or something. If you use it once, the skill will increase in experience, so the more you use it the more experience it will gain and it will level up. These skills are seperated into 3 catagories, close ranger, long range and class specific. Once you get (for example) the skill points of your close range abilities to 30, you can unlock the 2nd group of close ranged skills, so i'd advise to always keep them casted on you. (*note: i believe that if you start out as a warrior, you cannot use the 2nd group of ranged skills, at least that's what i've read. So you may ask, then what's the point of leveling the ranged skills then? good question. i'll tell you when i find out. But if you are using long ranged weapons, make sure to use the long ranged skills, because they will improve your attack and attack speed, etc etc).

    The magic system.
    just like the ability point system, the more you use a magic skill, the more it levels up, when you get a total of 30 points, then you can unlock the 2nd group of skills. However, the magic skills are seperated into 5 elements, holy/dark (depending on if you are cora or bellato), wind, earth, fire and water. These all have a limit of 30. So if i only use water skills and get 30 points, i can unlock only the 2nd group of water spells. If i want to unlock the 2nd group of another element, for example, earth, then i'd have to get my earth skills to 30 points as well. (annoying isn't it, so in reality, mage is one of the hardest to level, point wise, but just on levels, it has the greatest attack power before level 30, i'm not sure about afterwards).

    About Pvp, RvRvR

    Pvp is hard in RF, it is not really a 1 on 1 game, in other words, it is not on the micro level, it is more focused on the macro level, working as a race, not as individuals, i say this because 1 on 1 is kinda pointless, the differences between the level is great so the only "fair" chance of a fight would be if you are the same class and level and it usually takes about 5 guys to take down one guy. It is more focused on the Race vs. Race vs Race concept, taking over the core mine (which is very essential), because it affects your money gain, potions later in the game become really expensive, so you'll need funding to level, without it you cant' really level, so i can't stress how important being able to mine in the core is (especially for bellato, if you can't core mine, where are you going to find all that money for your mech!?!, lol).

    Gaining money/weapons

    MINE, just MINE. its the best method of income in the game, it best monster drops by far. So i will stress again the importance of core mining. About weaponry and equipment, you can purchase them from NPCs up until you are level 30, then you will have to rely on finding weapons from monsters, so keep this in mind. Spells are not gained as you level up, they have to be bought, so having enough money is crucial to the strenght of your character (sounds obvious, i know). The earlier you get them, the better, because the more you use them the more they level up.

    Read more,go to http://www.rmtmark.com/server_list.aspx?game_id=86
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    --++-- Rate Server --++--
    Max Lv 65
    Exp = 6.500
    Animus Exp = 70.000
    Drop = 20x
    Disable Quest 50 And 56 ( Reward Quest On )
    Skill Job 1000 Second
    PT Skill/Force GM
    Fix Damage Siege, Isis & Armor Rider
    Free CPT 150.000, CN 1 Slot
    High Rate Upgrade!

    Drop list :

    - HQ -
    -Young Flym = Calliana Necklace
    -Wing = Elemental Normal 25.25 / 25.20
    -Flym = Isis ( For Cora ), Amunisi Spec 5K ( For ACC ), Legacy Blade Lv1 ( PT Skill Close Range 1 ) & Pill Recovery 100%
    -ABA = Blue Print Leon
    - Elan -
    -Draco Hatcing = Excersiar A/B/C Yellow-Black-White
    -Draco = Booster 40
    -Scud lava = Lucky Gem Set
    -Devastator : T6
    -ABX = Stable 5-6
    - OC -
    -Red Haired Splinter = Excersiar A/B/C Yellow-Black-White
    -Naroom Captain = Gold point +20 +25
    -Kukra Captain = Capsule GP 1.000
    -Kukra Patrol = Mau Blessing
    - Ether -
    -Calliana Artock, Crew & Archer = Detergent Surf
    -ABB = Leon Box
    - CM -
    -Chip = Dual OD
    -HSK = Capsule GP 30.000
    - Elf Land -
    -Dark Elf Berserker = Gold Bar
    - Pit Boss -
    -PB 3D = elemental 3D
    -PB Gold Pig = Capsule GP 15.000
    -PB Elf = Aiming & Blood Booster Grade 99
    -PB Elan = Stable 6~7 Igno, Favor, Mercy, Grace, Darkness & Favor Shield
    -PB Stayer = Elemental HDH High
    -PB Belphe = Booster 25.25 Attack Deff, 25.20 Attack Avoid, 25.20 Attack Acuracy
    -PB Santa Chooty = Dual OD, Revival, Call & TP

    NPC LIST :

    = NPC =
    -Armor : 35 - 65 +6
    -Weapon : 35 - 65 +6
    -Shield : 35 - 65 , 81 , 85
    -Cashshop at Center Of Sette
    -NPC T4 & Talic
    -NPC Pot HP 5K, FP 2500, SP 800
    -NPC Hero = Armor Concil Lv 90 +6
    -NPC Weapon Golden Lvl 90 +6
    -NPC Shield And Armor Lvl90 +6
    -NPC Weapon Golden Wind
    -NPC @ Elan Weapon PvP Lvl 90 +7
    -NPC @ Ether Elemental Lvl 85
    Registration archon at middle of Sette
    for use equip Lv 90 use Jade level 5 piece :)

    Website : http://rf-entrance.com/

    Register Account : http://rf-entrance.com/register.php

    Download : http://rf-entrance.com/download.php

    Kaskus Thread: http://www.kaskus.co.id/post/518d0ebb6212432c5000000e

    Nyit-Nyit Thread:

    Fanspage : https://www.facebook/*com/pages/RF-Entrance-Full-Pvp-2232/100113286862542

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