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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by babyblue140, May 18, 2013.

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    May 18, 2013
    Hello, this is my first post on the forum. I realize this wireless connection seems to be a somewhat common issue but after going back a few pages and reading threads I've yet found one that is completely like mine.

    I received my rMBP at Easter. Upon arriving home to set it all up, wireless connection was set up and shortly thereafter lost. It says I'm still connected but it just sits there. Not only do I lose connection, every wireless device in the house loses connection. I'm the only Mac in my house (besides iPhones). My parents have PCs. It knocks everyone off. My parents are well-versed in PCs, so of course we restarted my Mac and reset the router. Didn't work. Called Apple and they took me through a series of steps (clearing plists), didn't work. Mom reconfigured the router from WPA to WEP. Didn't work. When I'm at college, my parents have no issues with the internet. When I come home, everything stops working (that includes iPhones, my Nook and Wii). Yes, I've updated software. Yes, we've entered in MAC addresses and I know the MAC address is different from my Mac :)

    Since I'm the only Mac in the house, my parents don't really want to buy an AirPort. We realize it works for both Mac and PC, but it's expensive just so I can access internet. In fact, today we looked at AirPort and an Apple employee suggested it's a computer issue and not the router. I have an appt with the genius bar tomorrow but I honestly think they're simply going to clear the plists and I'll end up arguing with them (been there, done that, did nothing).

    Also, the wireless works just fine at my college dorm and any free wireless place (Starbucks, Hastings, etc). The problem is at my parents house only.

    I think I've included everything so my question is: is it the computer or the router or what? We've exhausted every idea and my parents aren't knowledgable on Apple products.

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    It's kind of a guess, but it sounds like the rMBP and something on the network are in contention and/or it's being mis-configured by the router's DHCP server.

    Assuming you're using DHCP, try manually setting up the rMBP with a static IP. Check the router to see what its DHCP range is, and give the rMBP one that's outside that range.

    For instance, if the router's range is, then you would give the rMBP an IP of or higher. Check and see what the router is using for a DNS server and manually enter that [in the DNS tab].

    This is assuming the router's IP is setup as - modify the examples as necessary if it's different, such as The default depends on the specific router.

    WPA/WPA2 Personal would be what I'd suggest for security. If the router only supports one or the other, the rMBP should still be able to connect using WPA/WPA2.

    (System Preferences > Network > Advanced… > TCP/IP tab)
    IPv4 Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    (DNS tab)
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    May 18, 2013
    Thank you for the suggestion.

    The tech at the Genius Bar said it's not my Mac and it's probably a router issue so we went ahead and bought an AirPort Express. Hopefully this solves the problem. If not, I will try your suggestion because we haven't tried that. Thanks!

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