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Apr 12, 2001

Apple hosted its virtual "Time Flies" event this week, where it introduced four new products, including the Apple Watch Series 6, lower-cost Apple Watch SE, a 10.9-inch iPad Air with an all-screen design, and an updated 10.2-inch iPad with a faster A12 Bionic chip. As expected, there were no new iPhones, which are believed to be coming in October instead.


Apple also announced that it will be offering its various services in a bundle called Apple One starting later this year, including an all-new Fitness+ service that will offer "studio-style workouts delivered by inspiring world-class trainers" on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

As usual, there were a flurry of leaks and rumors leading up to Apple's event, making it hard to remember who said what. For that reason, we've put together a Rumor Report Card, assessing the accuracy of many of the biggest leaks that surfaced.

Accurate Rumors
Inaccurate Rumors
Looking ahead, all eyes are now on October, when Apple is widely expected to introduce its iPhone 12 lineup. Apple is said to have several other products in the pipeline as well, including AirTags item trackers, a smaller HomePod, over-ear AirPods Studio headphones, a new Apple TV, and more, some of which could debut this year.

Apple also said it will ship its first Apple Silicon Macs by the end of the year.

Article Link: Rumor Report Card: Assessing the Accuracy of Leaks After Apple's Event
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Apr 8, 2015
In honor of "Is safari snappier?", I think MR should have the Nth Annual Snappy Awards (aka The Snappies), which awards that year's most accurate leaker, least accurate, most outrageous rumor, etc, and also some product awards. Get some sponsors, do a video, etc. Call my agent for more details.


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May 13, 2019
I think that macrumors should do more of these, it will hold other news outlets accountable when there is an inside source, but maybe change it from report card to something else


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Dec 30, 2006
I missed some his previous claims before this came out, but why **** on him when the article says he was more accurate than inaccurate? I don't fully understand MRs hate against him.

I was thinking the same. Especially since the one wrong thing is about the method in which they’d be announced... JP said “press release tomorrow” and it ended up being an event announcement instead. tOtAlLy dEbUnKeD!!

throw out enough guesses, you're bound to be right. leakers need to carry out some due diligence, not just report whatever they see.

Guess the Apple Watch SE minus AOD and ECG at $279 was one of those lucky guesses.

But yeah I guess getting the press release vs event announcement wrong really negates little leaks like that.

Breaking Good

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Sep 28, 2012
I missed some his previous claims before this came out, but why **** on him [John Prosser] when the article says he was more accurate than inaccurate? I don't fully understand MRs hate against him.

Because the only things he got correct were what he reported a week before the products were announced. How hard can that be?

All of his earlier reports were wrong.

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
If these really were leaks due to corporate espionage, then these leakers have been hung up to dry since  fiercely frowns upon such activity.
But the more likely explanation is that so called "leaks" aren't really secret leaks at all but carefully doled out tidbits of info from Apple itself to its trusted fake moles to feed the hype train... Just another subversive form of marketing.
What better way to keep interest high in a product that's at least 6 months off than create fake leaks to keep the buzz going.
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