Rumor Wrapup: iMac, Keyboard, iWork, iLife. iPod Details?

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    Apr 12, 2001

    With yesterday's product releases, we've seen the conclusion to several long running rumors.

    We first heard of new iMac designs back in March of this year with Appleinsider claiming that iMacs would see "striking new industrial designs".

    Meanwhile, we heard of possible "brushed aluminum" iMacs in June with initial predictions by ThinkSecret and 9to5mac at a WWDC release. iMacs, of course, were not released at WWDC, but ThinkSecret later pinpointed August 7th as the likely release date for the iMacs. 9to5mac echoed this report along with a "razor thin" keyboard with "media controlling functionality".

    Appleinsider first described what was to be a new "super slim" external keyboard based on their laptop keyboards. In what was the biggest leak in recent history, actual images of the iMac keyboard were leaked onto a Chinese forum in late July. Discussion of the keyboard generated the usual debate. Most significantly, however, this represents the first time Apple has let leaked images stand without any efforts to surpress their distribution.

    iLife '08 / iWork '08

    Very few reliable rumors about iLife/iWork were available prior to their release. Many had expected these updates at Macworld San Francisco in January.

    First indication that Apple would skip the '07 designation altogether came from Apple themselves with an accidental web description which revealed "Keynote '08".

    Of note, Thinksecret's early spreadsheet screenshot does appear to be from a preliminary version Apple's spreadsheet application. Apparently, Apple has been planning "Numbers" for some time now. In June 2005, Apple applied for trademark protection for the "Numbers" name.

    Finally, a last minute rumor from 9to5mac did pinpoint iWork '08 with spreadsheet for an August 7th release.

    Summary... iPods Soon?

    Based on their circulating rumors, it appears clear that newcomer has access to legitimate sources of information on Apple's upcoming products. They were the first to describe the use of aluminum in the new iMacs and also provided some accurate descriptions of the keyboard. Their reports weren't perfect, as they also expected that the 17" iMac would remain, and a few other inconsistencies.

    Most useful, however, is that their predictions for upcoming iPod revisions now have more credibility. Their most recent report claimed that iPod nanos would use the shorter proportioned design as well as the leaked UI videos. More intriguing, they claimed that a full-screen touch iPod is coming at $299 and $399 price points. Though they initially expected an August 7th release for the iPods, they are now hinting at a September release.

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    Jan 15, 2006
    The Kop
    September seems right, give enough time for the current iMac iLife, iWork stuff to die down and then build up the iPod excitement and enough time between that release and Leopards.
  3. mr_matalino macrumors 6502a


    Oct 14, 2005
  4. FoxyKaye macrumors 68000


    Jan 23, 2004
    San Francisco, Terre d'Ange, Bas Lag, Gallifrey

    So where does this leave the XServe? It has now been over a year since any revision in this lineup - I'd rather not purchase last year's "new" server for my organization.
  5. monke macrumors 65816


    May 30, 2005
    The iPods always seem to be updated in September, in time for Christmas season, but close enough to the end of the 'Back To School Promotion' that no one using that promotion can get a new iPod.

    I can't wait for the new ones. :)
  6. Object-X macrumors 6502a


    Aug 3, 2004

    Why does the wireless keyboard only come in the short stubby version? Why does this make sense?
  7. arn macrumors god


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    Apr 9, 2001

    I guess the Spreadsheet screenshot is actually the first image that Apple has let stand. :)

    Keyboard, now the second technically.

  8. jettredmont macrumors 68030

    Jul 25, 2002
    I'd be very careful trying to relate a success in Mac rumors to an iPod rumor. You realize of course that there are very different teams working on keyboards and iPods.

    There is a chance that they are related, if their "source" is more in the ad design area or (egad!) the Ives section of Apple than the larger engineering area of Apple or even larger production area of Apple and its affiliates, so it is certainly possible that their Mac success reflects well on their iPod rumors ... but I wouldn't accept that as a given.
  9. wacko42 macrumors newbie

    Oct 31, 2005
    Actually the 17 inch model (in the old white plastic) is still available in the Education store for $899.
  10. TheAnswer macrumors 68030


    Jan 25, 2002
    Orange County, CA
    Is this maybe a sign that they can changed their leak suppression strategies? Would they have any legal ground to suppress, for example, the iPod GUI video, if the GUI shown wasn't a product of Apple?

    If so, we might see them attempt to suppress some false and some true rumors in the future and let others (both true and false) slide just to muddy the waters a little.
  11. unconcious macrumors newbie

    Jun 28, 2007
    Awesome New Designs

    I love the new iMacs and keyboad designs. Personally I like the wireless keboard for their short and compact look versus the old one with all those extra keys that I never use.:apple: :).

    I will miss the "apple key", but change is always good
  12. Object-X macrumors 6502a


    Aug 3, 2004
    Not sure I would wait

    I don't think these announcements have any relevance to the Xserve, since the Xserve technology road map is so different. The only change worth waiting for are the new Nehalem chips, but those probably won't come until next year. A modest speed bump between now and then doesn't seem worth waiting for if you need an Xserve solution now.
  13. bommai macrumors 6502a


    May 23, 2003
    Melbourne, FL
    BT wireless keyboard issue!!

    I think Apple made a big mistake with the BT wireless keyboard. However, it is not the same mistake everyone else is talking about. I, for one, like the compactness of the keyboard. I agree that it is great to put on your lap and work on your entertainment mac (possibly hooked up to your bigscreen HDTV). Except - how are you going to control the mouse from the couch. If they went through the trouble to design a brand new keyboard that is compact and works well from a couch, how about the freaking mouse. I would have loved a track pad just like the laptop. The Logitech DiNovo Edge has a trackpad on the side. I did not particularly like the trackpad on that keyboard, that is why I returned it after buying it - and also it costs $200. If Apple had really wanted to allow users to use this keyboard from the couch, they should have included the trackpad. Now, both HT people and the number pad people are disappointed.

    Oh Well.
  14. DavisCollins macrumors member


    Aug 3, 2006
    Because it is made to be more compact that the larger one. According to Steve, "People love to hold them in their laps"

    I guess that makes sense. I kind of like it!
  15. fastbite macrumors 6502a


    Jul 23, 2007
    Yes, the guys at seem to be holding their ground. The stuff yesterday was cool. I actually love the new iMac and the new keyboards. ipods soon? needs to happen.:)
  16. bobobo macrumors member

    Aug 1, 2007
    Leaked photos are not copyrighted. Unless the leaker has signed the NDA. Apple legal would have next to no legal power to remove the photos without fooling you into doing it.

    Please remove that nonsense.
  17. Object-X macrumors 6502a


    Aug 3, 2004
    I accept that as a reason for designing a short keyboard, but to not sell an extended wireless keyboard makes no sense at all. They are ruining the esthetics of my work space!! Sometimes Apple's over-simplification of their product line annoys me. :mad:
  18. bobobo macrumors member

    Aug 1, 2007
    Watch the keynote, Steve explains. Apple doesn't want you to be using the wireless one on your desk. They made it to be used in places you want something compact and thin. Like your lounge.
  19. pinwanger macrumors member

    Jul 27, 2007
    Would make sense to have the new gen Ipod release after September while Apple get rid of the old ones thru student purchases.
  20. StuPidQPid macrumors member

    Jan 12, 2006
    Tucson, AZ
    You can go the the Universal Access panel in systems preferences and click on the mouse (or mouse & trackpad) tab and change "Mouse Keys" to on, you can then control the mouse using the numeric keypad...

    Oh D**n, wait a minute... there is no numeric keypad on the bluetooth keybooard :(
    Oh well, I guess you could use the num lock?
  21. bobobo macrumors member

    Aug 1, 2007
    Where exactly would you put the trackpad?

    I think Apple will come up with the solution. It looks like they are researching it. Remember the patent for touch pad on the back?
  22. macintel4me macrumors 6502

    Jan 11, 2006
    Remember that thing called a Mac Pro

    I've been waiting deperately since December, about 9 months ago, for an updated Mac Pro or at least a price cut. Nada, zip, nothing. I appreciate the $1500 additional 4-core and $1000 RAID BTO's, but really let's move on with it. The Mac Pro is the only Mac our of their entire lineup that is NOT competitive any more. A price cut wouldn't be so hard!!
  23. chr1s60 macrumors 68000


    Jul 24, 2007
    I think that makes sense. It seems that apple is going away from plastic. The Pro series is all aluminum, the iPhone, and the iMac are aluminum as well. Apple seems to not only like the look, but they like the fact that it is highly recyclable. I would expect the iPod to have a back like the iPhone minus the black part for antenna. This is also good because it would get rid of the current scratch attractive iPod backs.
  24. Darkroom Guest


    Dec 15, 2006
    Montréal, Canada
    i think it's obvious that apple wouldn't release new iPods during their education sale (or whatever it's called... the "Buy a Mac + free iPod Nano" thing)... so i assume it's a no-brainer that the new iPods will be announced sometime after September 16th (when the sale ends).
  25. Object-X macrumors 6502a


    Aug 3, 2004
    Lap dance

    Actually, I did watch the keynote and that is not what Jobs said. He didn't say Apple doesn't want you to use a wireless keyboard on your desk, he said that users of wireless keyboards like to use them on their laps. He offered no explanation as to why they don't offer both. When they introduced the original bluetooth keyboard they argued it was for esthetics and to free up the USB ports. I use an Apple wireless keyboard on my desktop just for these reasons.

    It seems to me that Apple is once again limiting choice so they can save a buck. It's cheaper for them to only make two keyboard configurations over three. And who uses a keyboard on their lap with a desktop computer? Anyone?

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