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Feb 10, 2011
eww $229 and $329? those are too cheap, doesn't give it that Apple premium feel, now if they charged $399 then I would know it's quality, also hopefully they don't include a charger, would love to buy one of those separately, at min $50

And don't forget an adapter or two. :D


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Jul 26, 2010
Manila, Philippines
They've said it before, the screen is all. It's the way you interact with the device, it's the thing that matters most. No retina=no buy. Why would I ever want to trade down?

Yeah, that's why no one bought the iPod mini, iPod nano, Macbook Air and iPod touch, because they're all trade downs right?

But seriously. Some people just have different needs.



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Jan 11, 2012
Pacific Coast, USA
iPad mini = The beginning of another John Sculley era ?

Never... you can't go back.

This time around Apple has far more control over their followers & plenty of shiny iDevices to sell. It will be quite some time before Apple business subsides.

Besides after a decade of amassing off shore cash reserves, as well as those I'm the US, Apple can run on autopilot for years.

The graybeards alone will keep buying.


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If the iPod Touch can have a retina display screen so can the iPad Mini.

It can, but will it? I believe that those expecting a RETINA display on the rumored new iPad minis, will be very disappointed come Tuesday. APPLE is filling a price gap with this 'Mini'; it's all about not leaving a price umbrella: or Maybe the keynote will prove me wrong.

I can't wait to see these revolutionary new products next week. I've just booked the day off work to monitor events and get my orders in. :D

Assuming the rumor's true about the Nov. 2 launch date, this could have a huge effect on the election in the US. With the election just a few days after the launch, imagine all those people who will skip voting so they can buy or pick up their iPad mini. Plus those staying at home so they don't miss their shipment (I can't go vote: it could come a week early!), or driving around the country trying to find a store that might still have them in stock. Not to mention people who will be too busy playing with their new iPad minis to be bothered to vote....Don't be surprised if voter participation is down a million or so! :eek:

LAWLS. That says a lot about our priorities, doesn't it? :eek:
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