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    We bookmark a ton of recipes. Most are to try at a later date. However have 30 items in a folder that just has a name doesn't make for easy searching. Is there a way to see more than just a link name for a bookmark. I'd love to see it almost like a pin on Pinterest or Coverflow like in iTunes. I'm only getting suggestions on how to organize and manage bookmarks.
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    I can't think of a better way in Safari, but maybe something like Pocket would work better for you. Just make a free account then install the Safari extension and you can save those bookmarks to Pocket and tag them however you want. Then from the Pocket web page or app you can filter/search based on those tags.

    What I use is the app Paprika (not free). It can import and save recipes from web sites and you can organize by category or tags.
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    Use the share sheet to put the link into a note. You'll get a nice preview.

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