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  1. Doc69

    Import Safari Bookmarks from folder?

    I had sync issues with my Safari bookmarks between my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. In order to fix it, since I have thousands of bookmarks, I dragged everything except Favorites out to a folder on my desktop. Now when I try to drag them back in, Safari will only let me do that with individual...
  2. T

    iCloud Acting...Weird? iMessages Pins and Safari Bookmarks

    Today I have experienced a few very weird issues with iCloud, iMessage, and Safari bookmarks. Ill list them below in the order that they happened. 1. All but 1 of the 9 pinned message threads I had in the Messages app disappeared. Eight threads became unpinned with only my wife's pin (which was...
  3. z970

    Viewing TLS 1.3 Websites in Leopard WebKit / Safari 11.0.4 (The Easy Way)

    This is not project-related; I just wanted to quickly share a recent discovery that might not have been apparent to most, and certainly never was to me: If you copy / paste the below link at the start of a URL (such as a Wikipedia link, or a random article about bicycles), it will automatically...
  4. !!!

    iOS 15.5 just deleted all of my Safari tabs

    All 250 tabs. Gone. Thanks Apple. I was actually hoping this update would fix the awful Safari tab history issues where it will frequently remove all of a tab's history while browsing for no apparent reason. Guess I don't have that issue anymore, I don't have any tabs!!! Jesus f***ing Christ...
  5. C

    iCloud iCloud mistakes new MacBook Pro (14", 2021) for old MacBook Pro (13", 2015); makes it impossible to sync Safari data or use Airdrop

    Hi, This is subtle and confusing issue. I bought a new 14" MBP to replace my aging 2015 13" MBP back in November. However, since then, iCloud features in Safari have been intermittent to unusable. iCloud tabs do not work, at all. The Reading List syncs intermittently and incompletely. Handoff...
  6. C

    Am I the only to be annoyed by the safari animation ?

    To me, upgrading to iOS 15.4 was so horrible !!! I’m using an iPhone 13 Pro Max and one of the many bugs I am annoyed by is the safari animation. As you can see on the video, when I swipe all the up to show all my tabs there’s on more tab showing briefly and this is really making me so sick ...
  7. J

    Safari 15.x crash on Catalina

    TLDR: Safari crashes in Catalina (intel Mac) after Safari 15.2 update I have a MacBook Pro (15-inch, mid-2012) running macOS 10.15.7 with a new SSD a couple of years ago. It was running perfectly until Safari was updated to 15.2; it could've been an earlier update to Safari that broke the...
  8. R

    Edge YouTube Is Dimmer/Washed Out Than Safari

    The top is Safari, the bottom is Edge. I just happened upon this because Safari youtube 4k was lagging like crazy so decided to see if the same happened on edge and it didn't stutter once. But I then noticed how much dimmer the video was as well as the colors not looking as vibrant. Both videos...
  9. A

    Proof that Safari is BROKEN - Version 15.4 (17613.

    I have been very disappointed with version 15 of Safari. Here's one proof of how annoying it is. It happens when I type and suddenly -- boom -- delete, add and can't type anyomore! Version 15.4 (17613. And there's more to come...I just need to put...
  10. S

    Huge passwords bug in Safari macOS Monterey

    I posted this message on both the Apple community forum, and on Reddit, and even though it's not an attack on anyone, and it doesn't have foul language, they both censored me. Apple's moderators said that it was a rant. It's not, if I was really ranting, it would be a whole different post. I'm...
  11. hoodafoo

    Google Maps, Safari, Trackpad, 2-Finger Zoom, Broken

    Seems like something changed recently were I can no longer zoom Google Maps in Safari using 2 fingers (drag up and down) anymore. Anyone else experience that issue? I suspect this is a change on Google side (maybe to irk non-chrome users). I fired up an old MacBook with Big Sur and same zoom...
  12. Cinder6

    Ever since 12.3, my security key is broken in Safari

    I have a Solo Touch NFC security key. Prior to 12.3, it's been working great everywhere I use it. However, 12.3 adds a new "choose how you'd like to sign in" popup that allows you to choose between different authentication methods. Unfortunately, when I select security key, it doesn't work...
  13. haralds

    Safari page loading stops after some use

    Has anybody else seen this? I see it on my PowerBook M1 and Mac Studio M1 Ultra. Safari might be running fine for hours, then stops loading new pages or updating any window. Quitting and relaunching the app does not change anything. A new tab stays blank and does not load the Start page. The...
  14. ultradk

    Safari and save to pdf - under print

    When trying to save to pdf (print) from some sites - I am missing the pictures from the sites. They are showing when choosing "read" mode - but when save to pdf, the images are gone. The text is there.. Safari bug?
  15. D

    Safari sometimes automatically triggers the back button

    The only bug I've noticed in Monterey is with Safari. Sometimes when I try to load a new page Safari acts like I pressed the back button a split second after that page starts to load. It happens quickly enough that despite being in the browser history, the forward button does not recognize the...
  16. BasilFawlty

    Safari on M1 iMac running Monterey 12.3

    I can't be 100% sure that this issue is related to my most recent update to 12.3, but it it does seem that I noticed it happening around that time. What is happening: When I'm in Safari and I click on a link on some site, the browser will go to the linked page on that site, but then immediately...
  17. I

    Safari 2-page view

    Hi, so I know this is a niche concern, but wanted to reach out anyway! Is there a way or application where Safari can use 2-page spread, so that I don't have to scroll down the page, but can view 2-pages at the same time. Specifically, I'm not talking about split screen w/ two separate windows...
  18. R

    Safari 14.1.2 Not Responding

    My 1TB HHD drive is apparently dying (see attachment). Its part of the fusion drive. I plan to swap it with an SSD drive soon. However, I have been having trouble with Safari on this iMac lately and wonder if it relates to the dying HDD. Safari will basically not even open any more. Will...
  19. sregreb

    Full screen keyboard shortcut on IPadOS

    Does anyone know if there is a keyboard shortcut for Safari full screen mode in IpadOS 15? I’d rather not have to reach up and swipe the menu bar….. Thanks!
  20. jordanfc21

    Safari 15.3 not showing embedded PDFs

    Hi everyone! I'm having a strange issue where embedded PDFs on a website load the pages, but display as blank. I'm able to open regular PDFs in Safari with no issue, but embedded ones don't show any content. Has anyone come across this issue before? I am running Catalina on a 2011 MacBook Pro...