Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e


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May 3, 2015
Don't see why not since the Snapdragon 670 specs say it's capable of 4K VP9 playback. Looks to be quite capable 10nm SoC with ARM 2x A75 big cores plus 6x A55 little cores.
Appreciate the links. Still unclear if those specs are for the Adreno 616 or 615. It lists 616 at the top and then 615 at the bottom.

The 616 is associated with the Snapdragon 701. From Anandtech, “Finally, the other seemingly important discrepancy here is the lack of 10-bit display pipelines and accompanying support on the part of the encoders, so HDR capture isn’t a feature on the 670. The display controller also is less capable and only able to drive FHD+ resolutions as opposed to the QHD+ capabilitites of the 710.”

But I think I’m just overthinking it. It says video play back in 4K at 30 FPS on Samsung’s own website.

Whoops, now I see it on the link. 4K video playback on the Adreno 615. Thanks!


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Apr 9, 2010
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Shame no S pen
That was my first thought initially too... but then I looked over at my Google Pen for my Pixelbook and I was reminded of just how poorly Android supports a stylus and the lack of a quantity of quality apps that use it. This lack of support for an active stylus is perhaps the only reason why I still have an iPad.