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  1. The Game 161

    Samsung galaxy S23 and S23 ultra

    Thought get this thread going seeing as we are like 2 months from launch potentially S23 series headlined by S23 ultra with its 200mp main camera Best thing about these new devices are snapdragon gen 2 being a global release with massive performance gains If there is another thread...
  2. Marsikus

    Surface Laptop 4/5 vs Galaxy Book2 Pro

    I was looking at Microsoft Surface laptop for Windows machine when noticed that Samsung is in laptop business again. Any thoughts or experience on this regard?
  3. PhillyGuy72

    Samsung Note 9 - S Pen acting erratic, "dead zone" in the middle of screen.

    I have an old backup Note 9 that was given to me a few years ago. Went to update a few apps earlier today, popped out the S Pen (which I rarely use) - and noticed the issue. Thought the pen was dying or the tip was bad, doesn't seem to be the case. The middle part of the screen simply won't...
  4. BenRacicot

    Samsung Odyssey Ark Pre-Orders start tomorrow

    My people at Sumsung agree that 8/22 is the pre-order date for the Ark monitor. However, it has been quite quiet and no information exists for employees yet to confirm. Another source said September 11th which is likely to be the ship date. *UPDATE* They've updated the pre-order date to 8/26...
  5. Appleinapot

    My 2010 macbook 13"

    My MacBook (4/512) from 2010 is my daily driver, and let's just say it's faster than my Samsung 2020 Chromebook 3. I just use it to write books and to watch youtube, does anyone think I should upgrade to a higher MacBook? (my budget is $1500 nzd).
  6. T

    Samsung caught secretly throttling the OS - possibly for benchmark purposes... I remember the anger here when Apple did this to help the battery. If Samsung were excluding benchmark apps then one can't help but ask: "was this done to artificially inflate benchmark...
  7. Deiota43

    Problem - NO APPLE ID Password on old Iphone and wants to transfers data from Iphone to Android

    Hello! I'm have a BIG problem with an Iphone 7 of my bf, which lost is Apple ID password and now I don't know how to transfer data to a new Samsung I'll give in on his birthday. I want to transfer SMS, Photos, Whatsapp, mostly and I think I can't without the iCould. Is it it possible? How...
  8. RobertPI

    iMAC, Samsung, Drivers

    I am having communication issues between my iMAC (macOS Monterey v.12.1) and my Samsung printer. The generic driver provided by mac does not recognize that my printer can print in color, send a fax or scan a document. The printer is fresh out of the box, even though it is a 2012 model. I just...
  9. GoztepeEge

    MBP Early 2015 13" SSD Upgrade, does it boost the device speed?

    Hi! I currently have an "old-but-powerful enough" MBP Retina 13" Early 2015. It has i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB original SSD, etc. I would like to upgrade it a bit, the first thing is the SSD, I guess. I now have 55GB of free space, so I do not have so much trouble with free space on this...
  10. 840quadra

    Galaxy Buds Pro - Infectious I hear. Material choice issue, or something else, has anyone on here had this issue? This is the first time I read an article and got the hee·bie-jee·bies reading an article. Me personally, I am allergic to long skin exposure to...
  11. M

    Bumble (dating app) install issue / possible hack?

    Hey guys, so I lately had a bunch of issues with my Samsung and had to restore several backups etc after failed firmware updates. Sometimes I lost a few apps, had to reinstall it, etc - it was a HUGE mess. I'm fairly certain at some point bumble downgraded me because I had so many...
  12. SirWill

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Android (Samsung Note 10+) to iPhone 13 Pro Max

    I was wondering what differences I can expect moving from a Samsung phone to an iPhone. I'm making the switch, phone ordered. I have never used iOS at all. I've seen I can still use Google Photos, since I have a decade of photos there I'll probably keep using it. I plan to keep using my...
  13. B

    Samsung Nvme and super slow Boot on Monterey

    I have a configuration with OC and everything was working flawless until I've updated to Monterey Beta. The Beta runs quite well on my Machine, except booting time. It takes about 130 seconds from entering the password until I can see the apple desktop. I'm using a Samsung 970 evo m.2 Nvme...
  14. K

    Prohibitory sign on RESTART after installing Samsung 870 EVO Sata 2.5" SSD on Mini Late-2012

    I'm trying to upgrade my late-2012 mini stock HDD with Samsung 870 EVO SATA 2.5" SSD. At first I was having issue with getting disk utility to detect the drive, i thought it was a loose connector so i redid my setup and it popped up. Then during the OS installation using bootable Catalina USB...
  15. A

    Other Will the iPhone 13 regular model stay competitive with other phones within the same price range?

    There haven't been many rumors around the 13 and 13 mini. Considering how other flagship base models such as the Galaxy S21 have 120hz screen, telephoto, 128GB base storage etc... Would the iPhone 13 still be worth it if rumors suggest that it has 60hz screen and the same 64GB base storage?
  16. Z

    How to transfer photos to iPhone 12 from Samsung Galaxy S9

    I'm making the switch from Android to iPhone, but I can't transfer my old photos without losing their metadata. When I transfer them over, the photos' dates get changed to the date of transfer, and I lose the photos' location data altogether. I still have the old phone (Samsung Galaxy S9)...
  17. D

    Latest Android Phones Discussion Thread

    Welcome. ;) We discuss the latest android phones, compare android phones with iPhone. Incomplete List: 14JAN- Galaxy S21 iPhone 13 LG Rollable Galaxy Z Fold 3 Galaxy Z Flip 3 OnePlus 9 iPhone SE 3 Galaxy Note 21 Samsung's Galaxy...
  18. M

    Issues with Samsung (s27r35x) external monitors? (Air)

    My Macbook air M1 works fine with my AOC 27G2G4 monitor but my Samsung s27r35x turns on for 5 seconds then blank screens. The MacBook recognises the monitor is attached but the monitor is clearly in standby (flashing blue light). It is odd. The monitor seems to "crash". It can only switch...
  19. I

    External Monitor stuck at 30hz?

    Hey everyone, I have a 2016 MBP 15" running 10.14.4 and a new Samsung 28" UR55 monitor. My current setup is my monitor connected via HDMI through my Satechi hub on the left of my Mac. I understand that my specific Mac doesn't support 4k 60hz out of the box and I'm ok with that atm since I...
  20. H

    iPhone 12 Pro Why'd I switch?!

    So, I'll admit. I was bored. I've owned iPhones since the 4s. And the XS Max being almost exactly the same form factor since the 6....was kind of weighing on me. Nothing was new anymore. And when I looked at the 11 Pro Max, I couldn't get excited. So I bought a Note 20 Ultra. What a beautiful...