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Jul 30, 2018
Hi guys,

I bought a 1TB Sandisk Extreme V2 that I haven't yet opened since it was on a minor sale ($165 CAD). Based on the full suite of measurements that I've seen in terms of read/write and sustained/sequential, this seems to be the best overall portable NVME SSD drive out there currently in the USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) drives that we've started seeing lately aimed at hitting that 1000MB/s as the new benchmark. This drive seems to outperform the Samsung T7 in almost all metrics (aside from power consumption).

I am planning on using this drive strictly for editing (Final Cut and Lightroom) with my 2018 Intel MacBook Pro and the upcoming 27" iMacs. They won't be used for any long term storage. I just want to be able to do a big project or two that can sometimes balloon to hundreds of GBs. So do projects on the external SSD and then clear the space after they are done.

Right now, with most small projects on my Mac, I can get away with using the internal and the experience has been excellent. The only issue can be space, hence the need for a SSD external.

I have calculated the data rates of my 1080p and 4K cameras (btw I'm currently not doing multcams (although always subject to change), and it doesn't seem like I'll have any issues saturating the 1000MB/s or even 500MB/s.

Still I wanted to get some feedback on how the experience/performance compares with internal SSD vs. external SSDs.

Today, I noticed that the Samsung T5 2TB has come on sale ($250 CAD) which puts it at $125 CAD/TB vs. the $165/TB for the Sandisk Extreme V2.

Now, I'm wondering whether I should keep the 1TB Sandisk Extreme V2 or return it for the larger 2TB but worse in performance T5 (500MB/s and under)? The Sandisk is already better in every aspect than T7, so it builds on that lead further with the older T5. Having a bigger T5 just provides a bigger safety net I suppose.

I am wondering if I'll notice any differences between these two drives (and vs. internal) DURING the editing process. I just want a good experience during the actual editing process and what metric(s) of a drive might factor-in besides the basic advertised read/write speeds, such as latency.

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