1. slc80

    Very Confused! iMac 2015 & eGPU Setup Advice

    Hi All, A plethora of information out there but sifting it down to find my ideal setup/specs has been painful and confusing and I'm hoping you can hep! I ideally want to continue to use my 2015 27" iMac (see pic for specs) to game and stream at the same time, with an additional 1080p monitor...
  2. T

    Apps that will bulk resize and/or watermark photos that would also retain the metadata?

    I do concert photography and work for a local concert review website and was looking for a website that will resize images to certain size (on the longest side) and/or watermark my photos but also retain the photo metadata. I don't have Lightroom and I am too cheap (and broke) to buy it so I was...
  3. Apple_Glen_UK

    Lightroom Colour Editing Help

    I'm a novice when it comes to photo editing but I have Lightroom on my Mac which I mainly use for cataloguing my photos and I'm now trying to delve into it a bit more. I've watched some online tutorials regarding colour editing. In the photo below of my little girl I've turned the photo black...
  4. C

    Macmini 2018 with eGPU and selling MacPro Late 2013

    Dear all I'm in the process to think about a new desktop machine. As the new (2020 ?) MacPro won't be an option for me, I'm considering switching from a nMP Late 2013, 12 core, dual D700, 32gb of Ram and 1tb nvme disk to a maxed out macmini with an eGPU. My main use is photography with...
  5. Rigtee

    2018 MBP 13"- Slow with an external monitor

    Hello everyone, I've owned a 2018 MBP 13" (quad-core CPU-i5 2.3GHz, 16GB RAM) for about a year and recently I bought a 32" 4K external monitor (BenQ EW3270U) to work more comfortably with it while at home. With the Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port, I was expecting the machine to be pretty fast (the...
  6. Sunshower

    Which MBP to upgrade to for music production/photo editing

    Hello! I'm looking for some buying advice from you lovely people. A bit about me and my use: I'm a music producer (Ableton) and amateur photographer (UK based) and use my laptop as my personal and occasional work computer (I am a researcher and writer so use a lot of pdfs, browser tabs). I also...
  7. C

    MP 6,1 nMP, Lightroom Classic, Mojave and GPU for image processing

    Dear all can someone with nMP 2013, Lightroom Classic and Mojave installed can tell if 'Use GPU for image processing" is enabled in late Lightroom Classic August update? If so how do you judge the performance improvement via GPU? Thanks a lot.
  8. S

    Workflow Help

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some advice/assistance for my workflow. I've moved from an iPhone and the Photos app back to an SLR. We have Creative Cloud so I have access to Lightroom and Photoshop. We also have 2TB iCloud. I really like the Photos app - I take pictures, they're synced and...
  9. Apple_Glen_UK

    Frames/Borders in Lightroom?

    I have Lightroom 6 and primarily use it for cataloguing my photos and videos. I have only recently started making adjustments to them at a very basic level. I am wondering if there is a function within Lightroom 6 where I can add frames/borders to my photos? Also, whilst on the subject, are...
  10. Apple_Glen_UK

    Mojave & 32-bit app compatibility

    Apologies if this has been asked and answered elsewhere but I'm hoping someone can help with this. I upgraded from Sierra to Mojave about a month ago. When I turned on my Mac earlier I got the message below. I recently purchased a standalone version of Lightroom 6, as I mainly wanted it for...
  11. Apple_Glen_UK

    Photo Cataloging App that includes video clips?

    Quick question for you; I am going to move away from Lightroom and I am looking for another app that can catalogue photos and include video clips as well. I have trialled Luminar 3 which I like but as far as I can see it is for photos only and does not include video files. Any suggestions?
  12. A_medwardz

    iMac specs for photo editing

    Hi guys, I’m looking into buying an iMac, but really can’t decide on what size and spec to go for. 21.5” with i5/push to i7, 16g of ram and 512gb SSD. 27” with i5, 8g of ram but would upgrade with another 32g myself and either 256 SSD maybe a push to 512g. Basically looking for any advice or...
  13. uimike

    cMP 4,1 > 5,1 Lightroom SSD? NVMe vs MICRON SATA?

    Hi all, Any real-life experiences with Lightroom, for media and catalog (plus previews) storage? I'm on a cMP 2009, Xeon 3.2 GHz 6-core, quite happy with High Sierra's speed, and keeping my images and catalogs on a Micron 1100 2TB 6Gb/s internal SATA. My boot drive is a Samsung 951 AHCI 512 GB...
  14. M

    Other can not import photos from iPhones to mac

    I was on Yosemite and I had to migrate to El Capitan 10.11.6 (due to ios12). MacBookPro11,5, Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015. I am using Lightroom 5.7.1 (fully compatible with El Capitan). iPhone XS and 7, iOS 12.1. Icloud photo off. Transfer to mac or pc on automatic. Formats to Most Compatible...
  15. B

    Photographer looking to possibly upgrade to Mac Mini or iMac

    Wasn't sure where to put this post as it's iMac and Mac Mini related... Like many I was hoping to pick up an updated iMac today. Now looking at a couple options and would appreciate some advice. I'm not nearly as savvy with this stuff as most of you seem to be. I use my computer almost...
  16. M

    Artifacts on the display - video chip overheating?

    Hello! Macbook Pro 13 2017, the minimum configuration without a touchbar. When I export photos in Lightroom, the processor is loaded to the limit and the fans rotate at maximum speed, but I understand that this is normal. However, I found one problem - if during the export of photos I switch...
  17. Alexander.Of.Oz

    Zeiss full-frame camera with Lightroom in camera!
  18. superparati

    Workflow D850 and slow Lightroom

    Hi, After turning my research in all directions to understand why my computer is slow while editing pictures, it is time to share with you my experience and learn new things :) I've what I think a decent MacPro (cf signature). My current Lightroom projects are on an M2 NVMe SSD offering good...
  19. superparati

    Lightroom CC very slow cMP

    Hi, Few month ago I invested in a NVMe M.2 ssd drive where I migrated most of my active Lightroom library. This move was with the objective of accelerating a big the lack of speed I was experiencing back then. With this new workflow I was expecting to get red of few latency I have in dev mode...
  20. Apple_Glen_UK

    Prevent Lightroom Connecting to Internet?

    I’ve mentioned on here before that I keep getting the ‘Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service’ warning message on my Mac every time I open Lightroom. I’ve been looking for a way of stopping this happening but to no avail. However, I have noticed that if I disable WiFi and open Lightroom the...