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Apr 12, 2001

Satechi today introduced a new USB-C hub with one HDMI output, one USB-C port with Power Delivery, one USB-A port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Satechi's new USB-C hub for iPad Pro

Designed for the new iPad Pro with a USB-C port, the Aluminum Type-C Mobile Pro Hub allows the tablet to be connected to a wide variety of peripherals, such as a 4K display via HDMI or a wired keyboard via USB. The headphone jack is also valuable since the new iPad Pro lacks one for wired headphones.

Satechi's new hub can be pre-ordered now for $45 in Silver or Space Gray. The price will rise to $60 when it begins shipping around mid-December.

Satechi's new USB-C hub for iPad Pro

By comparison, the recently announced HyperDrive USB-C hub for the new iPad Pro will be available in December for $49 at launch and $100 regularly. It features six ports: a 4K HDMI output, a 3.5mm headphone jack, an SD card slot, a microSD card slot, one USB-A port, and one USB-C port with Power Delivery.

All in all, if you need SD and microSD card readers for importing photos to the new iPad Pro, then consider the HyperDrive hub. Otherwise, the Satechi hub is a good option for $40 less at regular price.

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Article Link: Satechi Launching USB-C Hub for New iPad Pro: 4K HDMI, Headphone Jack, USB-C With Power Delivery, and USB-A


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Feb 9, 2003
Does the USB-A port allow for any type of connection to an external drive for storage? Anyone out there with the new ipad pro use a wireless HD?? If so, what do you use?


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Dec 14, 2016
Again that looks amazing. So sleek. So streamlined. NO possibility of knocking into it and breaking your USB C port. Cough.


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Jul 21, 2011
Wonder if anyone will make a simple USB-C to lightning adapter?
Apple has one. I use several with 29w usb-c charger and iPad 10.5.

The usb a port will be good for connecting midi keyboards or sound interfaces or even powered usb hub with all that plugged in further away from the iPad. I like the hyperdrive option with sd card. I’ll have to check but I hope hdmi is 4K at 60hz and not 30hz.


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Jun 2, 2010
There’s a new Apple device. Fire up the dock production lines, pronto! :rolleyes:

It’s already been confirmed that plugging an external drive into the new iPad (or a dock attached to the new iPad) doesn’t cause the iPad to see the drive.

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Apr 16, 2015
Wonder if anyone will make a simple USB-C to lightning adapter?

Good question. And where will I plug my USB-C Headphones when this dock is plugged in? ;-)

Like this?

ARKTEK USB-C Adapter iOS Cable (Female) to USB Type C (Male) Data Sync and Charging for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Google Pixel 3 and More (Pack of 3)

How does that solve the USB-C to Lightning problem?

This seems to mostly be a low-speed charging device. I don't see it working in the reverse, i.e. plugging a Lightning device into the iPadPro. That's what's missing with Apple's switch to USB-C. Given these warnings, I'd be especially concerned about plugging it into any of my Apple equipment:

1. This adapter does NOT support: OTG, neither video nor audio.

2. QC (Quick Charge) standard is currently NOT supported.

Apple already makes a USB-C to Lightning adapter for charging and synching (though not likely with the iPadPro). And that's about All I'd use this for. But they make nothing that allows the use of existing Lightning devices to function correctly on the iPadPro. I can't even use my Lightning headphones on the iPadPro, requiring someone to carry two different headphones or adapters to use between their iPhone, iPad Pro, and MacBook.
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Feb 25, 2009
If it’s anything like Satechi’s other USB-C hubs for the MB and MBP, it’ll disconnect so frequently and annoyingly the only “flush” you’ll be thinking about is your cash (followed possibly by the hub itself) down the toilet.

They do a small cabled version that’s much more reliable but for the non-desk/lap-bound iPad, it will very literally epitomise the word “dongle”.
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Jan 29, 2010
I think I would much prefer a hub that had a cord coming off of it, rather than a big block of ports attached to one small, fragile USB C opening. It seems like a recipe for messing up that port.
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Dec 16, 2013
****ing crazy they call this a pro machine and you can’t even plug in a USB drive or external storage. What a stupid decision. On the iPhone, I can forgive because I don’t imagine working on files on my phone, but on a “laptop replacement” in 2018. They are smoking serious delusionary drugs to imagine this is a laptop replacement for anyone


Jul 18, 2009
Does it just mirror what’s on the iPad screen? How’s this iPad work with an external screen? An extended canvas?
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