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Jan 19, 2016
I purchased an ARRIS / Motorola SB6141 modem yesterday, and like many I am experiencing the difficulty of getting an SB6141 and Time Capsule to cooperate. The modem works fine with a hard line, but when I connected my Time Capsule to the modem I received the dreaded blinking yellow light on the TC. Three hours of reading posts here (and elsewhere) and troubleshooting later, and I am still at a loss. Rather than struggle more trying to get the SB6141 to work, I'd rather just buy a modem that works (at least more often than not) with the TC. I'm in the Chicago area on Comcast. List of approved modems here. Please let me know if you've found a good modem to use with the Time Capsule. Thanks for any help!

Additional detail - I bought the 2TB Time Capsule in March of this year and it's fully up to date (Running, I believe, 7.7.3.)


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Mar 21, 2014
I own and don't use my SB6141 with Comcast - it's in a box after being fed up with it's issues. One tip, after connecting an Airport, you'll need to reboot the modem and, if you've used the TC with another modem then I would reset the TC as well after connecting it to the modem. Likely, the issue is related to the double-NAT conflict that pops up - when the SB6141 "pings" Comcast's network, its NAT and DHCP server are both temporarily activated.

Arris ditched the chipset in that modem box and installed a newer Broadcom modem and now it's the SB6183. I bought the Netgear CM500 - same chipset, on the Comcast approved retail units, no more frickin' neon lights and glaring white modem case, and about $10 less than the SB6183 - a Best Buy matched an Amazon price. Ditch that SB6141, you paid more than $0 so you paid too much IMHO... :p

And, make sure you get Comcast to remove the SB6141 from your account...
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