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Sep 21, 2018
Wondering if anyone else is getting this.

I run family sharing with my two children and have set a Screen Time Passcode for their phones. They have a Downtime and some App limits. It tends to work great but for a couple of glitches that regularly occur. Every couple of days I randomly check and sometimes find that the Screen Time Passcode has turned itself off their devices and the block at downtime and block at end of limit, have disabled (letting the kids give themselves extensions of time if they wish).

Originally I thought it was the kids being clever and either figuring out the password or finding a hack of some sort but I've changed the passcode a few times now and frankly they don't seem that bothered to want to try to find a hack to break the code.

I suspect it's just more likely to be glitchy Screen time bugs. Anyone else seeing this?


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Sep 16, 2003
The Dallas 'burbs
I was seeing similar behavior with some settings like downtime and content restrictions that would immediately turn off after turning them on. This was also combined with not getting notifications for screentime requests on my phone for only one of my kids. I have done resets on multiple devices and logged out and back into iCloud on them as well, nothing seemed to work.

Then it all started working yesterday. Not sure if I did something or if Apple fixed something on the cloud side.

One of the things I changed was to delete extra devices listed on my iCloud account (recently moved some devices to everyone’s own accounts rather than sharing mine and also removed one PC). Not sure if too many devices confused the notification destinations?

Another involved being quick with Content & Privacy Restrictions. I could turn them on for only a couple seconds but if quick enough I could go change a setting before it disabled and somehow that allowed me to get content restrictions to stay on.

The sequence I did was to enable Content & Privacy Restrictions, then quickly go into Passcode Changes and set it to Don’t Allow. It wouldn’t initially show a change until I left the Content & Privacy Restrictions menu and returned after which I could enable the restrictions and it would stay on for more than 2 seconds.

Curiously the Content & Privacy settings seemed to reset today but Downtime appears to have kept yesterday’s setting which hasn’t worked in the past for the one kid. Will see if I still get time request notifications later since they finally started working again on my phone last night. The whole issue was only affecting one of my 3 kids which made it even more intriguing.

Not sure if any of this might help your issue or not.
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