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  1. JanoschR

    iPhone Attentive - An App For Better Phone Habits

    Hi all! I’m one of the people working on Attentive - Good Phone Habits an app that helps you waste less time with mindlessly scrolling stuff on your phone and use your device(s) for more meaningful things. We spent some time...
  2. L

    CarPlay CarPlay Waze counts towards Screentime

    Hi there, since some weeks I've noticed that my phone has a higher amount of Screetime, but I thought it must be from me locking up the macbook air delivery very often and other parcels for christmas coming. But recently I have found out that Waze, despite running on my Car Display in CarPlay...
  3. I

    Screentime not showing matching times

    Hi long story short I am not seeing matching times across all devices I am seeing different times on all devices even though I have “Share Across Devices” turned on across all devices. I am also not seeing a way to cycle through my devices on iOS. When I go on Mac OS on the bottom section where...
  4. J

    Restrictions to Screen Time in IOS 12

    I am hoping someone can help. I used restrictions prior to IOS 12 on my son's phone to prevent him from using Safari. He got a new phone and went to IOS 12 and screen time now manages the restrictions. Because I had Safari disabled when I upgraded, I am unable to find Safari to re-enable. It...
  5. R

    Screentime reseting Block at Downtime

    Wondering if anyone else is getting this. I run family sharing with my two children and have set a Screen Time Passcode for their phones. They have a Downtime and some App limits. It tends to work great but for a couple of glitches that regularly occur. Every couple of days I randomly...
  6. 6

    ScreenTime skipping some days & automatically resetting?

    I've activated ScreenTime but it will randomly rest/erase all statistics a fews times a week or not record entirely on some days. I'm running ios 12.0.1 and have been having this issue since installing the public final version of iOS 12. I did not install any betas on this device ever and I...
  7. darkelipse04

    Screen Time - Not Working

    Hello, Anyone else running into this kind of issue described below? We have family sharing enabled across three devices (Two parents with iPhones (one organizer account, one parent/guardian account) one child with iPad). When activating Screen Time on the parent/guardian device the iPad shows...
  8. geekiemac

    iPhone Screen Time: what do the "grey bars" mean?

    Screen Time is... kinda weird. I have no idea what the "grey" bars mean. Coloured bars usually mean some sort of application category. But the grey bars? Last night I had a lot of "grey bar activity" (whatever that is). I first thought it might be the iCloud backup, which usually happens over...
  9. madmin

    General Forced to enable Screen Time for Restrictions

    I'm thinking of contacting Apple about this and thought I'd run it past this forum first in case I am mistaken and also to see if any one else feels the same way: I like to keep control of my iPhone apps. I use restrictions to block stuff I never use, similar to how I don't enable wi-fi and...
  10. Luckylady412

    iPhone Question on IOS12 screentime feature

    Anyone know what apps fall under the “entertainment” section and the “social media” section? Asking because Instagram is listed separately and that is definitely social media. I would think YouTube falls under entertainment but it is listed separately. Thanks!