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Sep 6, 2012
I have a MacBook Air 2012 13" i5, 8gb ram 256 gb of SSD. I have about 32.31 of storage left. Most of it are pictures and videos. I just replaced the battery recently with a third party battery. Man my MacBook Air feels great with the new battery installed, lasts a decent 5 hours compared to 90 minutes before.

I'm thinking of using a 128 gb SD card for additional storage. (I already have an seagate 2 tb external harddrive, but it's a drag having to carry it)

are there any pros and cons in using SD card. I might just go with an SD card since they are more affordable, I can get a 128 gb for $32 on amazon

I also found the following, but they tend to be more expensive, it's called an expansion card. It's the first time i've heard of it.

Which should I go with. I'm leaning towards the SD card just for cost savings.


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Apr 21, 2007
White Mntns, Arizona
I use a 128 GB SD card on my 2017 MacBook Air for my iTunes library. The speed of the card is plenty fast enough for this usage and the price is definitely way better than the JetDrive.


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Jan 13, 2018
I was facing this issue with the same configuration 13" 2013MBA 8/RAM 256/SSD and ended up going with a Sandisk micro 200GB SD and a nifty Minidrive micro card adapter. Very Happy so far.

the Sandisk micro was $59 as B&H and the Nifty minidrive was $12 + $4 shipping used on ebay.

The SD cards you're looking at will stick out of the SD slot. The Nifty minidirive installs flush with the side of the computer.
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