Seagate Momentus XT 2.5" HDD, SSD Write Cycles

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    Hi recently I am looking for a new HDD to upgrade my MBP 13"s 160G HDD, and I found the Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid one, it has 4GB SSD to store most frequently read data to speed up, read lots of reviews, most positive, and the price is acceptable $129 for 320GB, so I am just about to take it.

    Then I remembered that someone told me the SSD has about 300000 write cycles, and from my knowledge the traditional HDD has about 600000 Load/Unload cycles, so if data on the 4GB SSD is "frequently read", then it tends to be read more often than the HDD part, plus it has half of the write cycles than HDD, does it mean the SSD part will die much earlier than HDD part? If so, what will happen to the whole HDD?
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    I think you answered your question. The XT's flash memory purpose is only to store the most commonly used software for quick retrieval. Unless you are always using different software the write cycles should be relatively low compared to using a SSD as the main drive.

    I would not worry to much about it. Btw, I really like my XT. It boots fast and my commonly used programs start immediately, even after a fresh reboot. Between the XT and 8GB of ram, my 2010 Mini is quite snappy, indeed.
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    300,000 write cycles times 4 GB = 1.2 million Gigabyte. If you replace the drive within 5 years, that is 660 GB per day. Now open "Activity Monitor" and check how much data your Mac has written since it was booted the last time. Is it anywhere near 660 GB per day?
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    I remember hearing in a YouTube video - I think it was a NewEgg review of Seagate Momentus XT and GoFlex drives - that if the SSD does fail, the drive will just continue to work as a standard 7,200 RPM HDD (remember the SSD is just a bit like a buffer, the data stored there is also on the HDD so if the SSD does fail, no data is lost.).

    Let me know what you think of the drive - I'm awaiting mine, it's with my Dad and is coming over next month!
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    just wondering, how would you transfer all the contents to the new, blank seagate xt?
    I dont think time machine would help at the start, i'd have thought the drive would have to be formatted for the mac to read first?
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    from the slick deals page you can pay a lot less than you planned on:

    $89.99 after coupon BTEZZYZ26 (free ship)

    To transfer your data, you could do a number of things, but assuming you already have time machine on an external disc ... you take out your current drive, pop in the xt, pop in the os x disc, format the drive, and then from the os x disc, choose restore from time machine.
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    The flash in the XT is only a read cache. Writes go straight to the platters.
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    Thanks for your replies and help, I am very much appreciated.

    Unfortunately I am in Australia, the price of electronic stuff are generally 20% higher than in US, also, recently the exchange rate of AUD to USD is about 1:1

    If the write cycle is not a problem, then this is a very good drive to consider, most reviews show it is stable, quiet and cool, most important, fast. At the end I chose a Hitachi 500G 7200RPM(7K500), as the stock HDD is Hitachi, and it serves me pretty well: cool, quiet and fast(I don't know how much faster is the 7200RPM, but for current one I do not feel much delay in everyday use).

    edit: forgot to mention, I bought it from LMC for $79(AUD), this is the best price I could find in Melbourne city, there is another shop called MSY currently selling it for $69, but city is nearer thus more convenient.

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