Seeking tips or advice for more iPad usage for mother

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kylera, Dec 9, 2013.

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    The following details may seem very disjointed, but please bear with me.

    As of late, my mother has been expressing a desire to be more mobile with her iPad. The iPad in question is a 2nd generation cellular model I passed onto her when I got the 4, and she has rarely taken it out of the home with her.

    She is not very tech-literate, and she uses her iPad for watching TV through various apps released by major broadcasters here in Korea, reading and writing notes on Evernote and surfing the web for news.

    She also does not go out very often due to her being somewhat sick. When she does go out, it's often to a nearby neighborhood center to learn something or meet her peers or neighbors, or for groceries, and if she has to visit my grandmother, she takes the subway to go across town.

    Also, as of a couple days ago, my mother's phone contract finally ran out. She was using an iPhone 4 the whole time, and now she is free to change her phone plan, cancel, or what have you.

    After looking around for possible data or voice plans here in Korea, I've found a MVNO who provides a monthly plan that costs nothing per month as a base fare, but charges something like the equivalent of 0.2 cents per second if you make calls. I was thinking of getting that as the phone's plan, while getting a 1.5GB/month data plan for the equivalent of 25 dollars for her. 1.5GB may not sound like much since video is involved, but the entire subway system here has wifi, mitigating that.

    Thoughts or further advice?
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    I don't have any experience with the cellular version iPad, but if the subways all have wifi, I'll guess that many of the stores and/or restaurants do to? If this is the case why mess with a cellular plan for the iPad at all? Let her use wifi, and then data is a non-issue as far as the iPad is concerned. :)

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