Selling iPhone X ATT Preorders Sim Card Deactivation Question


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Jun 27, 2010
I hope someone here can answer a question that I could not get a answer either from a Apple Customer Rep, Apple Store Employee, Local ATT Rep or ATT Customer Service.

So I preordered 3 iPhone X's last night from the website which I paid for in full and they will be arriving in the next couple of weeks. I plan on selling them since I have decided to purchased the Verizon iPhone X since it is the true global sim free phone.

My question is this, since I provided account information for 3 of my ATT lines to be able to purchase all 3 of the phones are the sim cards pre-installed in the phones already pre-activated and associated with my personal account? For instance, are the IMEI's of the phone and ICCID numbers from the sim cards in ATT's system prior to me even powering them on?

My main concern is if i intend to sell these phones without opening the boxes and taking the pre-installed sim cards out, what is the best way to deactivate or disassociate the pre-installed sim cards or the IMEI of the phones from my ATT account. I am afraid that if I sell the phone to someone else, as soon as they power on the phone and activate the pre-installed sim it will kill my own sim card from my own personal line.

The Apple store said they could not deactivate the sim or disassociate the phone from my ATT account.
My only option I think is to head to an ATT store when the phones arrive and hope they see the phones in their system and ask them to remove them from my account.

I do not know how so many people on eBay are selling there phones that they purchased using their own cellular account information on Apple to make preorders. From what I gather, if you sold a iPhone X that has been purchased in this way as soon as it is powered on and connected to WiFi and activated the previous sim card for that particular customer will become invalid.

If all of this is not even possible, my only option is to return all of the phones and to wait in line on Nov 3 and buy the phones outright from the local Apple Store where they do not ask for any carrier information and sim cards are not tied to any account or person.


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Oct 22, 2010
Great question and one that I am interested in knowing as well. I'm in a somewhat same position, but will be selling one of my two X's to a buddy, so there isn't as much doubt in my mind that something could go awry as we can handle in person.

From what I understand, you'd need to take the SIM out of the new ones in order to keep it from activating against your account - but if you plan on selling, that's a little counterintuitive as a potential buyer wouldn't have a "brand new" phone.

Maybe you can ask ATT to deactivate or remove that device from your account prior to selling??


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Jul 22, 2012
How do you plan on selling it? Most buyers would feel more comfortable powering the iPhone and making sure they don't get a dud. At this point you could have them put their SIM in.

If I were to sell my X, I'd advertise that I powered it on to ensure it works, and still sell it as new.

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Sep 16, 2013
Basically, most of the wannabe scalpers on eBay who sell their iPhone X preorders will have disputes/Paypal chargebacks filed from their buyers (up to 6 months later) because AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint iPhone models are shipped locked with verification prompts (billing zip, last 4 digits social, and wireless number).

Bootleg Gucci

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Sep 16, 2013
I read another thread that said all full priced phones come unlocked.
Depends on where you preorder the iPhone from.

Apple Store preorder (app or website):
Paid in Full iPhones are unlocked. However, if during checkout Apple Store asked you to verify wireless carrier line (AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint) and you put your info (wireless #, zip code, last 4 of social), then when you receive this iPhone and power it on, the screen will prompt for verification (see link) before you can activate it, regardless if you take out the included SIM card and put another in.