Sending multiple pictures via MMS

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ineel, Nov 23, 2013.

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    Hi, when i send multiple picture through iMessage, every picture sends at a high quality setting. When I send a single picture through MMS, the picture is still high quality when it is received at the other end. But when I try to send multiple pictures via MMS, it seems to compress every single photo to mere kilobytes making each picture extremely pixelated. The only way around this it seems is that I have to send each picture as an individual MMS otherwise the phone groups all the pics into one MMS and sends it. Is there any way I can send multiple MMS pictures without it downgrading the quality like that? I know MMS on at&t is limited to 1MB, so each picture is compressed. But I don't like how it compresses 10 photos into 1MB when i try to send multiple pictures in one message. It's really annoying having to select a picture send it, select the next picture send it and on and on. iMessage doesn't do this to me, why MMS. Any workaround for this?
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    Any jailbreak app that can accomplish this?

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