Series 2 Water Eject Question


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Sep 10, 2013
South San Francisco, CA
Hey all.

I have a possible issue with the water ejection on the Series 2 watch. Is it normal to need to do it many many times to get all the water out?

After using the eject feature many times to get water out, my speaker still sounds distorted for hours afterwards. I can tell because the eject sound itself sounds odd and a different pitch so I know something is still in there. I also test it by tapping Mickey to speak the time.

It eventually clears out but it's a long time later, and I am just wondering if something might be wrong with my watch?

This is just from me taking a shower by the way. I'm not even swimming or anything. I can't imagine much water gets in there in the first place but it sure distorts it for a long time.


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Jan 4, 2011
Any chance soapy water is getting in if you are wearing it while showering? I can imagine that soap residue might be harder to clear?
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