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    I have two iPhones with a shared Verizon account. One is my business phone and the other my personal phone. Both phones use the same Apple ID. My business phone is a 5c and the personal phone a 6s - the problem was present on my 5c/5s combo before I upgraded one phone last month. I use iCloud to share my notes and Address Books. This set-up works for me in that I can keep my clients and personal life separate, but have all of my clients available if I should only have one of the two phones with me. Or, conversely make personal calls on my business phone if needed. However, the recent calls list (missed or made) made on one phone show up on the other phone. The two phone call lists are so connected that I can clear both lists by just clearing one of the phones.

    This is a very unwanted feature. I make and receive 20 or 30 calls a day on my business phone; yet, at the end of the day all of the call records are on my personal phone list. I have to go through a long list on my personal phone to see if I have a missed personal call.

    I have had extensive contact with Apple regarding this problem. Two long phone calls resulted in no help, but a great deal of misinformation from the techies. The first techie thought it was my wi-fi set up. Obviously wrong in that the lists propagate whether or not I am on wi-fi or even near my home network. She then thought it was the hand-off feature. Possible, but turning off hand-off didn't help. We made sure the receive calls on other devices feature was shut off. (I have always kept calls separate on the two phone) The other techie spent nearly 1 1/2 hours with me on the phone - turning on and then turning off features like FaceTime. She would call me on one phone and then the next. Sometimes the calls showed up, other times not. After consulting with her Senior she concluded that somehow FaceTime wasn't setting up properly. The next day with all of the possible features shut off the lists still showed up on both phones.

    A few days later I went to the Apple store and spent a half hour with a "genius." He was stumped as calls would show up on one phone and then the next, right in front of his eyes. I demonstrated how if I cleared the calls on one phone it would result, 30 seconds or so later, with the other list being cleared. He went to the back and consulted with his senior and came back with the answer. He said both phones share the same Apple ID and there was nothing which could be done about it.

    I explained how this feature was crazy. I have the option of using iCloud for a whole list of features or not. Yet, no options at all because of my AppleID!! I asked him if it would make sense if I had given one of my phones to a child and then the child would get to see all of the calls made by his father? He said I should get a different ID for each phone. Obviously this is not a good option. I would no longer be able to share my address book which is a wanted feature. It would also be a real inconvenience - period. He had no suggestions at all for me.

    Does this make any sense? Has anyone here ever heard of this before? I have had two phone and the same ID for at least 5 years. I only remember this problem for the last 6 months or so. It probably came about with an IOS update, but I haven't kept track that closely.
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    I would use separate Apple ID's and just export your contact list from one list to the other. Or store your contacts on a single google account that is shared between phones.
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    Thanks for your learned advice. I never would have thought of that. You forgot to suggest I get an Android phone or maybe just ditch one of the phones, or perhaps I could have a personal secretary stick to my side 24 hours a day and he/she could clear my missed phone call list every hour or so. Perhaps you have other suggestions that I haven't thought of. Or, you might try to read my post over again and specifically answer the question I posted. Then, unless you actually have an answer, I won't get your email on both of my phones - something I have intentionally set up!
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    Good luck to you. I gave you a workaround that is completely acceptable between both iPhones without a way to share call logs.

    Enjoy your duplicated call logs on both devices.


    And for the benefit of the rest of the community, I'll explain what I mean just so that I'm clear.

    1. Separate Apple IDs on both devices.
    2. Contacts come from shared Google account ( meaning you'd turn off iCloud contacts.
    3. Family sharing on both devices so you can make sure your purchases go between them.
    4. And bam, no duplicated calls, no iMessages going to both phones, etc.
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    Good luck getting help here with an attitude like that.

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