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Apr 12, 2001

Shazam, which Apple is in the process of acquiring, was today updated to version 11.7.0, introducing several major new features.

When a song is Shazamed, the result is now displayed with the song's name and an image of the performing artist, rather than the previous cluttered interface with large links to YouTube, Apple Music, and more.


You can access additional information on a Shazamed song by tapping on the artist's image for details or by using the small bubble buttons displayed at the top and bottom of the app's redesigned track-result menu to get to Apple Music, lyrics, videos, and more.

On this same screen, there's a new one-tap "Add To" button that will automatically add a song to an Apple Music or Spotify playlist.

There's also a new Lyric Syncing feature, which is designed to display a song's lyrics in real time as the music plays in the Shazam app, highlighting each line right as it's sung.
Your Shazams have a new look!

Once you've named that tune, you'll see a brand-new song page with the following features:

- Lyric Syncing: Belt it like you wrote it! With our new lyric-syncing, you'll see a song's lyrics in real time, enabling you to not just sing along to any song you Shazamed but finally master those words.

- Streamlined Results: Now when you Shazam a song, you'll get the results and one big photo of the artist behind it--perfect for focusing on the music you were looking to discover in the first place. For more info, simply tap on the artist photo.

- Everything In Its Right Place: We're excited to introduce an all-new track-result menu that makes it easy to view song lyrics, artist videos, updates and more in a single tap. Or swipe.

- Faster Playlisting: Connected to Apple Music or Spotify? 'Add to' playlist now takes one less tap. Simple!
As MacStories points out, Shazam has continued to receive regular updates since Apple's acquisition of the service was announced, suggesting Apple plans to continue to keep Shazam around as a standalone service for the foreseeable future.

Apple's acquisition of Shazam has not yet been finalized, however, so we could still see changes when the deal is done.

Last week, the European Commission announced that it has accepted requests from Austria, France, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Spain to assess Apple's acquisition of Shazam.

Article Link: Shazam for iOS Gains Revamped Interface, Real-Time Lyric Syncing Feature


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Apr 21, 2010
Been using SoundHound since it was Midomi, and one of the first third party apps available on the AppStore.

I know Shazam is the big recognizable name, but my preference is still with SoundHound.

Yay for modernizing Shazam, but gonna stick with SoundHound.


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May 1, 2012
Shazam had the live lyrics version before and they removed it
I was wondering if it was only available on Android. It was "3D lyrics", as I recall, and it was kinda "dynamic" as it displayed the words. It disappeared years ago though (at least on Android). I've only been on iOS for ~9 months and have never seen it here.


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Nov 30, 2004
Toronto, ON
This looks good but I don't know that I'll ever download the app. The only feature I use Shazam for is already built into Siri.


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Apr 21, 2010
Shazam for the win... Soundhound almost seems like an android exclusive!!!

Confused by this comment.

Both Shazam and Midomi (which would later be rebranded as SoundHound) were among the first wave of apps on the App Store ... before Android even existed.

Here's a link to an article from 2008 comparing the two (Midomi (SoundHound) beats out Shazam according to this reviewer):

Clearly, a review from anyone (especially one that's over 10 years old from super old versions of the apps) isn't reason for anyone to say "No! Don't use that app, use this one!": use the app you enjoy, for sure. That's beside the point of me posting this. But SoundHound has been part of the iOS app flock since before Android was even released.

So, not sure where 'android exclusive' came from :eek:


Jun 25, 2009
Not seeing the update in the App Store for me. It is saying the current version I have is already the latest.


Sep 11, 2014
So those are the real lyrics to Rhiannon? Oh Jeez I’ve mis-heard them for years.:eek: No wonder that song never made any damn sense to me. I better stop talking smack about Siri never getting anything I say right. I’m the pot who calls the kettle black. :confused:

“She sees like a cat in the dark
And when she’s in the darkness

She rules her firelight skyhawk
And when this guy is darkless”

And then the rest I heard correctly. I’ve had my hearing checked numerous times, too. I don’t know what my problem is. :oops:


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Aug 13, 2002
Vancouver, BC
Been using SoundHound since it was Midomi, and one of the first third party apps available on the AppStore.

I know Shazam is the big recognizable name, but my preference is still with SoundHound.

Yay for modernizing Shazam, but gonna stick with SoundHound.

Is it just me, or is Soundhound taking longer at recognizing music?


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May 30, 2002
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I tried both, prefer SoundHound

Likewise. Still this is a refinement making the UI clean which is what we’ve come to expect from Apple.

Still have an issue with all of these music search and identity apps:

I cannot RUN them in the background to find songs used in Instagram, YouTube, browser videos directly ON my iPhone!!

Edit: SoundHoud just updated moments ago. Ran it on watch looking for a sick track on IG on iPhone 7, result: Nadda!

Will Shazam do this?
EDIT 2: Shazam Watch app DOES detect songs playing in other apps on the iPhone.

This wins for me going forward until a SoundHound can do this or directly on theviPhone itself. Thus far Shazam cannot do this in the background.

So much for Apple’s love for music!


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Dec 7, 2013
SoundHound is very much specific to Western or English songs. Hence, Shazam became more famous or recognisable. Like how recognising Bollywood songs allowed to penetrate in India which is also a base where Western songs has a base.
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May 6, 2015

Shazam looks and works great! : )

Shazam is much much better at handling Apple Music than MusiXMatch.
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