Should I buy an Iphone or wait?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by chillined1212, Jun 15, 2011.

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    I always wanted an iphone. I always wanted the white iphone as well. Now that the white iphone 4 is out, I want to get it. but the new one is coming out in september i guess. So the question is, should I wait? I heard that few updates will come, 8mp camera, 1080p camera, and faster processor. Should I wait for little upgrades? And if I don't and want to sell my iphone in september, will I get what its worth now? thanks.
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    Short answer: Yes, wait.

    Long answer: Those are just the given rumors, an 8MP Camera was leaked by Sony and a faster processor is the A5 Dual Core which the iPad 2 already as. I'm sure there are more than that to a 1year+ few months upgrade to the iPhone. Regardless, waiting is worth it.
    Obviously you won't get back what your iPhone 4 is worth now, if you buy it. As soon as news breaks out of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4 price will drop drastically. You'll probably be paying around $100 more for the iPhone 5 this way.
    Look at it logically, why would you get locked up in a contract with a phone that's a year old when a new one will be out in 3 months? Also, you'll be stuck in a 2 year contract so you'll be waiting for the iPhone 7. Get your money's worth and wait.
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    If your like me (and do 1 year contracts) then go for it. The next iphone will be a 4S. Slightly faster, slightly better camera, same design, still 3G. So, I bought an iPhone 4 last week knowing this.

    Now, the iPhone 5 on the other hand comes out in July next year. That will be a redesign, will have the better camera, faster processor, bigger screen, and the biggest, most important part of all, 4G. I could careless about a 4S if it's not 4G, and it most likely won't be.
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    Wait by all means. You will be so glad you did. While not Apple's worst, the iPhone 4 that's currently available, is simply not up to Apples normal high standard. Anyone that argues otherwise is simply trying to defend their purchase.

    I have an "Antennagate Special" (iPhone 4) and I've had every iPhone made. The 3GS that I enjoyed for a year before buying an iPhone 4, is a far, far better phone. I do believe that Apple is not about to embarrass themselves again. The current rumors that have been circulating, give the impression the external band antenna has been tossed in the trash in favor of an internal antenna which works as it should.

    Now that's the phone to have. Yet even at that, I'm opting to avoid it since I have some stellar new Androids to enjoy. I will wait for Apple to build a modern phone with a larger display. I do believe the only reason they hung on to the tiny 3.5" display, is all because it simply doesn't require the power of a spacious large screen.

    The way my iPhone interfaces with my Mac is great, but Apple has decided to push our data up to it's cloud. Now that ought to be interesting, since MobileMe was such a fail. Who knows what's really happening at Apple these days, but I would welcome a return to quality and functionality.
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    The name of the iPhone doesn't matter! That's just confusing.
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    Hey congrats on the 1 year contracts.
    But the rest of your post is full of ignorance.

    The next iPhone will be a 4S? Knowing that you bought an iPhone 4? Are you working at Apple to know this? If so, then please share the info. Lol, it's funny since the term "4S" was made by some random developer that 9to5Mac got hold of, who was just using a Dual Core iPhone 4 to test their apps so that Apple could bring them up during the event, and now everyone is throwing the name around. Now everyone thinks that's pretty much what the next iPhone will have. :rolleyes:

    I think you're confused, the iPhone 5, the 5th generation iPhone comes out this year. We don't know what it'll be called exactly, but iPhone 5 is most ideal until the official name.
    Again, please share how you know so much about the 6th generation iPhone.
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    Here's the question: Do you have a NEED to get a new phone now? If the answer is yes, then buy an iPhone 4 now. By NEED, I mean your current phone isn't working very well or you don't have one at all.

    If you only WANT the white iPhone 4 and have a working alternative that will take you through the end of 2011, then wait.

    I would be surprised if the next iPhone (iPhone 5) wasn't available in both black and white and had at least a few new features worth waiting for.

    I wish I could wait, but I don't think my phone will survive much longer, and so I'll likely be getting an iPhone 4 soon.
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    how would you know this..........................

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