Should I Get the iPad or Wait for the iPad 2

Should I get the iPad Now or wait for the iPad 2

  • Buy the iPad Now

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  • Wait for the iPad 2

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Mar 17, 2010
The Apple Store
So I finally can afford a iPad. I was originally going to just wait for the iPad 2. Then I thought I should get the iPad now and not wait because I don't know anyone with Facetime, I really want one and other people are saying to other people like me just to get it now. Now my Question is should I get the iPad now or wait?:apple:


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Jan 28, 2008
Its up to you but just realize you may be waiting for features that don't appear in the iPad 2.


Jul 19, 2010
Ontario, Canada
So I should just get one?
You should just get one....the wait will be quite long for the new one. My only advice is to make sure you can afford to get at least the 32GB version (I suggest the 64GB to really enjoy) because you will be frustrated with the lack of available storage on the small 16Gb model.


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Feb 24, 2003
iPad 2? What are you, some kind of sucker?

Wait for iPad 3. Better yet, wait for iPad 4.

Of course, if you were really smart, you'd wait for iPad 5.


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Dec 3, 2009
The iPad is just rolling out in most countries. Some have yet to even get it. Don't expect to see the next generation before next Spring. However, I think it's possible the next iPad will come out even later than Spring. Apple is selling them faster than they can make them. They have little incentive to push out a new model anytime soon.
If you really want an iPad, purchase one now and enjoy it.


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May 14, 2010
I like to go back to what people thought the third gen iPod Touches would feature... We didn't get a lot of the predicted amenities. The iPad is also a hot device that is selling very well. We may see the same results in both of these devices.


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Jul 1, 2010
2nd generation changes will probably be minor, and it will be the 3rd gen that's really worth upgrading to. You won't feel as bad upgrading from a 2 year old Ipad, but, if you go with the 2nd gen, it will be only 1 year old when the must have 3rd gen comes out. It will hurt more to upgrade such a new Ipad. As for facetime, thats a gimmick for teenagers. How old are you?

I got the 1st gen, and will be skipping the 2nd gen, and getting the 3rd!