Should I update to iOS 11?

Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by pmontanarella, Sep 20, 2017.

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    Hi all,

    I'm debating whether I should update to iOS 11 now or wait for 11.0.1? I have an iPhone 6s and I'm worried about small bugs in iOS 11 that may be amplified by the fact my device is 2 years old. If anyone has any experience running the final release iOS 11 on a 6s I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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    My 6S is fine, no increased battery usage, no issues at all that other folks have mentioned on the various phones/forums. But keep in mind I don't use my phone very hard. No email, no public media. no 32 bit apps. All my notes, messages and anything else that was linked to my icloud account are the same as before the update, IE no loss of data, nothing missing.
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    I will say maybe hold off, I have the 6S 128GB, already had the battery replaced once and my battery life is still killing me, I do podcasts,email, safari and Reddit and that's about it. I hate my FB app it's one of the main villains I know too.
  6. iop, Sep 20, 2017
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    If you update now you’ll have a few days or weeks to roll back before apple stops signing 10.3.3. So why not make a full backup and give iOS 11 a try while you have the ability to roll back? I updated my ipad air 2, and while there are minor lags here and there, I am pleasantly surprised by the overall smoothness of iOS 11. iOS 10 was much worse.
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    Worth noting that iOS 11 has a number of security updates included, so if you don’t upgrade to ios 11, your device will remain vulnerable to said security problems.
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    The main problem that I'm having with 11 is the podcast app no longer playing multiple episodes of the same podcast: it stops after one. I'm wondering if there's a non-obvious setting that I've missed. My battery life has been seemingly unchanged.
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    On my 6s I have never had a good performance as with 11 including 11.01. My 6s is faster, smoother than any iPhone on any release. I was very surprised but pleased. I haven't noticed any difference in battery life either but I've been on vacation since the update (so using more cellular, etc) so my routine hasn't been the same as before. Love this update

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