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Apr 12, 2001

As we approach the end of a busy product release season for Apple with only new iPads and Macs left to be announced over the next month or so, we're also setting our sights on 2023. Apple is rumored to have several major products in the pipeline for next year, including new Macs, a new HomePod, a VR/AR headset, and so much more.


Other than new iPhones and Apple Watches, which are expected every year on a regular cadence, there are other products to look forward to from Apple. Below, we've rounded up six major products other than the iPhone 15 you can expect to launch next year, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter.

15-Inch MacBook Air


Apple is expected to release a 15-inch MacBook Air in 2023, as previously rumored and reaffirmed today by Gurman. The MacBook Air is rumored to be similar in display size to the 16-inch MacBook Pro but with a thinner and lighter design. The current MacBook Air measures 13 inches, and the 15-inch ‌MacBook Air‌ would likely use the same design as the current model, which was introduced in June.

iMac With M3 Chip


Apple is working on a new iMac that it plans to launch next year, according to Gurman. The new iMac will feature the M3 Apple silicon chip, but other details, including its design and size, have yet to be seen. Apple is also working on an "iMac Pro," but whether that's the rumored M3 iMac or a separate standalone product is unclear.

Apple TV, HomePod, and FaceTime Camera All-in-One


Apple is working on a new product for the home that combines a HomePod with an Apple TV and a FaceTime camera. The product was originally reported in April 2021, and Gurman today said it could launch towards the end of 2023. "The device's other capabilities would include standard Apple TV box functions like watching video and gaming plus smart speaker uses such as playing music and using Apple's Siri digital assistant," Gurman said in a previous report.

Additional details about the product, including its form factor and price, are not yet known, but with a launch possibly slated for sometime next year, more details may emerge in the coming months.

'Reality Pro' Headset


Perhaps one of the first Apple product introductions in 2023 will be the company's long-rumored AR/VR headset. According to several reports, Apple is planning to release its headset, which it may call "Reality Pro," next year. Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo has reported that Apple is planning an event as soon as January to announce the new headset.

New HomePod


After discontinuing the product in March 2021, Apple is rumored to be working on a new full-sized HomePod to launch next year, according to Gurman and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to Gurman, the new HomePod will be sized similarly to the original HomePod with improved audio quality and powered by the S8 chip from the Apple Watch Series 8. The new HomePod could launch as early as the first quarter of 2023, according to Kuo.

Apple Silicon Mac Pro


One of the most anticipated product announcements of 2023 is a new Mac Pro, as the current version still features Intel processors. Rumors suggest the upcoming Mac Pro will feature the M2 Ultra chip with a 20-core CPU, up to a 64-core GPU, and 64GB or 128GB of unified memory. The Mac Pro is also expected to be offered with an "M2 Extreme" chip, which will have a 40-core CPU, up to a 128-core GPU, and at least 128GB or 256GB of unified memory.

Article Link: Six Major Products to Expect From Apple in 2023
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Jun 1, 2016
I'm holding my breath more for a resurrection of the bite-sized 12" MacBook. I don't care if Apple put M1 chip in there, call it MacBook or MacBook SE and call it a day. It'll be the next laptop for me as my current M1 MBA already been fulfilling my need for photo and video editing on the go without worrying too much about battery and performance.


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Nov 9, 2015
Silicon Valley, CA
My initial thought on these five possible 2023 products.

  • Against the thin frame 15" MBA, I just wonder if it's durable enough as that design gets larger? I still would like to see a even smaller 12" MBA given the technology improvements now.
  • We don't have anything more then a base M2, yet this spin that a future iMac will have a M3 is just strange.
  • The HomePod with an Apple TV and a FaceTime camera seems like some mythical monster, then needed.
  • The AR/VR headset has been coming for a long time, is 2023 the year it appears?
  • A new larger improved home pod, of all these rumored products seems something that could return IMHO.


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Nov 19, 2015
I have had my AirPods Pro since right after launch in 2019. Just got the new pair a few days ago and man, what a difference!! The noise cancellation is phenomenal! I’m more impressed with these than the 14 Pro (upgraded from 13 Pro). interested to see how this combination works next week for my work. I was pulling my hair out with my 13 Pro and old Airpods Pro. Answering calls was like “Hello, you there, hello, hello? OK, there you are followed by 10 seconds of discussion with apologies about these freaking AirPods and Bluetooth, etc, etc…” Which makes me wonder how it got this bad? It wasn’t like this for about a year after I bought the AirPods Pro…but then again, how has Siri gotten so bad??? God, don’t get me started…”who’s speaking? Just a sec, mmm hmmm, good night???, I’ve sent some results to your iPhone…” 🙄


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Feb 17, 2018
I wonder if they’ll do a new Apple Watch Ultra each year.

There was talk of a new Apple TV with A14 4GB RAM. Not sure if it’s all expected to be rolled into this hybrid HomePod/Apple TV device.

Also, don’t forget about the rumored 14.4” iPad.
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Jul 19, 2002
I still think they should have just named the M2 MBA the MacBook, added the 15" version later and just keep the M1 MBA as is with eventually just updating the process and keeping the same form factor in a < $1K system.

The system I'd still like to see is a bigger but non-pro iMac. The specs of the 24" iMac are fine, just want a bigger screen in an AIO form factor.

sorgo †

Feb 16, 2016
That HomePod/FaceTime Frankenstein mess needs to go the way of AirPower into Apple dodo land… 🤞

We will, however, be lining up to purchase the new full-size HomePod on day one :cool:
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Sep 25, 2018
so if this is true then a new MacPro will come this year, which is contrary to the Gurman article earlier today.
and imho, if this is it, it will be a boring 2023 fr0m an Apple's products perspective ...
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Mar 2, 2012
Westchester, NY
I'll be interested to see the pricing strategy for the new HomePods. The new Echo already costs $100, so the HomePod mini matches that. I'm guessing the standard HomePod will be $199 to match the Echo Studio. I don't even want to think of what the HomePod with the screen will cost. I'm guessing north of $300
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