Skype Over 3G and Push Notification

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by cjosee, Jan 1, 2010.

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    Sep 19, 2007
    It it 2010 and I really want to see more in the iPhone.


    In October 6, 2009 AT&T informed Apple and the Federal Communications Commission it decision to allow VoIP Apps to run over it wireless network.

    On the same day Apple spokesperson Natalie Kerris said. "We are very happy that AT&T is now supporting VoIP applications. We will be amending our developer agreements to get VoIP apps on the App Store and in customers' hands as soon as possible."

    In December 28, 2009 Russ Shaw said. "We've got a number of updates on the roadmap for 2010 - and yes, I hear you on push notifications. They'll arrive just as soon as we've perfected the experience.

    Many of you have also been asking when we'll release a version which allows you to make calls over 3G - the holy grail of Skype on the mobile, if you like. We've had a 3G-capable version ready for some time now, but Apple's current restrictions mean that they won't allow us to make it available on the App Store for the moment."
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    Oct 27, 2009
    Jailbreak = screw Apple's and AT&T's restrictions. :D
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    I would guess that because skype is an international product, Apple would require all operators to agree to VOIP over 3G before they will allow the release.
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    Skype's iPhone software efforts seem weak.

    They have dragged their feet about push notification, which for me, makes the app utterly useless.

    My guess is that Skype gains no commercial benefit from iPhone users (apart from making paid calls to phone over WiFi) - and as a result is not motivated to invest in developing the app.

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    +10 for you good sir. I jailbroke and 3G Unrestrictor keeps everyhing workig o. A pseudo-Wi-Fi connection.

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