Slow Home Sharing without Internet connection?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Stephen.R, Feb 8, 2019.

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    Nov 2, 2018
    We have two AppleTV 3rd gen's, both set to share content from iTunes on the local network over WiFi (using a 6th gen AirPort Extreme).

    I've noticed before when the internet connection is out, Home Sharing can be quite slow to load things, but it was never much of an issue so I didn't look into it too much.

    Fast forward to two days ago, and some piece of human garbage stole ~10m (~33ft) of copper from the utility pole, down to our fence and along to the buried run-in. So we're without internet via the regular Wifi network - and the home sharing delay is really getting annoying - particularly for e.g. episodes of kids shows, which are maybe 7 or 8 minutes long - it spends half as long "loading" as it does playing.

    I just tried loading an episode from my phone (again, via home sharing to the iTunes library) and it loaded instantly.

    I thought about the old pre-Home Sharing setup, but apparently that isn't available at all, or with the combination of AppleTV 3 and iTunes 12.9.

    Oh, and the content being streamed has no DRM, and it does play eventually - it just seems to try to do something internet related for several minutes, timeout, and then load and play normally.. for every single video.

    So, any tips or advice on how to make these things not have this inordinate wait?

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