Slow(ish) performance of 512gb Apple SSD on nMP

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by joaopmaia, May 26, 2019.

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    I've been getting a somewhat slow performance on the 512gb Apple SSD that came with my nMP system. This is the original SSD from the factory, no changes or upgrades done to it.

    I got the nMP on launch day, and eventually purchased a Mid-2015 MBP when it came out, and noticed right away how much faster the MBP SSD seemed to be in comparison with the nMP one. Never thought too much about it, but now with the new NVMe SSDs, I've been thinking about potentially upgrading the nMP system.

    I'm getting an average of 800mb/sec for both write and read, sometimes a bit more, and sometimes a bit less. I'm attaching an AJA System Test Lite screenshot.

    Are these performance numbers typical for this SSD? I've been reading the forum and I saw a few reports with much faster numbers from people with (seemingly) the same SSD model.

    The model name is "APPLE SSD SM0512F" from system report.


    ssd_system_report.png aja_results.png
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    Sounds like you have a x2 PCIe SSD. With that in mind, one can expect around 800 MB/s.

    In the system report, what speed is reported?
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    Your speeds appear to be normal for that part#

    Have a look at post#3

    Granted, it is on a different machine.
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    Oh, gotcha. I was confusing myself with the other posts about a SSUBX-type SSD, and thinking my SSD should perform the same way.

    Very useful information -- thanks!

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